Alex Jones Exposed


‘InfoWar’ is a contraction of the term ‘information warfare.’ Information warfare is a concept specific to military operations:

Information Warfare
Information warfare (IW) is a concept involving the battlespace use and management of information and communication technology (ICT) in pursuit of a competitive advantage over an opponent. Information warfare may involve collection of tactical information, assurance(s) that one’s own information is valid, spreading of propaganda or disinformation to demoralize or manipulate the enemy and the public, undermining the quality of opposing force information and denial of information-collection opportunities to opposing forces. Information warfare is closely linked to psychological warfare (PSYWAR).

Psychological Warfare
Psychological warfare (PSYWAR), or the basic aspects of modern psychological operations (PSYOP), have been known by many other names or terms, including MISO, Psy Ops, political warfare, “Hearts and Minds”, and propaganda. The term is used “to denote any action which is practiced mainly by psychological methods with the aim of evoking a planned psychological reaction in other people”. Various techniques are used, and are aimed at influencing a target audience’s value system, belief system, emotions, motives, reasoning, or behavior. It is used to reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originator’s objectives, and are sometimes combined with black operations or false flag tactics. It is also used to destroy the morale of enemies through tactics that aim to depress their psychological states. Target audiences can be governments, organizations, groups, and individuals, either civilian or military.

U.S. government black PSYOP falsely appears to originate from a hostile source (person, party, group, organization, government). The interest of the U.S. government is concealed and the U.S. government would deny responsibility. It is best used in support of strategic plans. Covert PSYOP is not a function of the U.S. military but instead is used in special operations due to their political sensitivity and need for higher level compartmentalization. Further, black PSYOP, to be credible, may need to disclose sensitive material, with the damage caused by information disclosure considered to be outweighed by the impact of successful deception. In order to achieve maximum results and to prevent compromise of overt PSYOP, overt and covert operations need to be kept separate. Personnel involved in one must not be engaged in the other.


Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) operatives in Alex Jones’ family:

Alex Jones’ parents David Jones and Carol Hamman were employed as C.I.A. contractors in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Alex Jones’ deceased uncle William Hamman was employed as a C.I.A. and U.S. Army Special Operations contractor in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Alex Jones’ cousin Verna Grayce Chao is currently employed as a C.I.A. contractor by Dell (previously by IBM). Verna Grayce Chao’s brother Buckley Hamman was one of the original founders of Infowars in 1995.

U.S. Special Operations Command (U.S.S.O.C.O.M.) operatives in Alex Jones’ company:

Joe BiggsQuentin CarterMike CernovichMark DiceTim KennedyPatrick RileyJack PosobiecTim ReamesCraig SawyerAaron Wilson

Alex Jones refers to Infowars figuratively as “the tip of the spear,” while the emblem/seal of the United States Special Operations Command is literally the tip of a spear.

Alex Jones refers to Infowars figuratively as “deep behind enemy lines,” while United States Special Operations Forces literally work deep behind enemy lines in foreign nations.


During a live radio interview with George Noory on Coast 2 Coast AM on August 9, 2017, Alex Jones openly stated that he worked for U.S. Special Operations Command in a secret military psychological operation to assist Donald Trump in becoming President of the United States. This direct admission from Alex Jones presents the strongest evidence to date that Infowars is a covert U.S. military intelligence / psychological warfare operation.


On a recent live radio show, Alex Jones stated that many of his employees are former U.S. military personnel, including many who were part of special operations. This statement by Alex Jones further adds to the already overwhelming degree of circumstantial evidence that Infowars is a covert U.S. military intelligence / psychological warfare operation.

https ://

Alex Jones with his bodyguard employee Quentin Carter, a former U.S. Army Special Operations agent and Blackwater mercenary


During one of his recent live radio shows, Alex Jones stated that he pays $10,000 per month to have his radio show broadcast on decommissioned Voice of America short wave radio transmitters. Voice of America is a C.I.A. controlled media outlet funded by the United States Government which disseminates pro-America propaganda throughout the foreign world. This statement from Alex Jones provides yet even more evidence that Infowars is a covert U.S. military intelligence / psychological warfare operation.

https ://

the Voice of America logo


Rob Dew is the news director of, making him Alex Jones’ highest ranking employee. Rob Dew’s uncle, John R. Dew, is a former U.S. Navy Seal (U.S. military special operations) and retired twenty year F.B.I. special agent (counterintelligence and counterterrorism). This information about Rob Dew’s uncle constitutes yet more evidence that Infowars is a covert U.S. military intelligence / psychological warfare operation.

John R. Dew, CPP

John Dew, F.B.I. counterintelligence / counterterrorism agent and uncle of Infowars news director Rob Dew


Alex Jones’ new Jewish wife Erika Wulff was mentioned by name in a 2002 article on the Voice of America News website in connection with her foreign travels for a college study abroad program sponsored by the University of Washington in Seattle. Voice of America is a C.I.A. controlled media outlet funded by the United States Government which disseminates pro-America propaganda throughout the foreign world. Therefore this direct mention of Erika Wulff in a Voice of America online publication represents strong circumstantial evidence that Erika Wulff is a United States Government intelligence operative who was recruited by the C.I.A. while she was a student at the University of Washington in Seattle.

American Students Re-Discover US After Studying Abroad – 2002-09-28

Erika Wulff, Alex Jones’ new Jewish sex escort wife and C.I.A. operative


Alex Jones’ new Jewish mother-in-law, Michele Traynor Wulff, is the Economic Education Coordinator for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

Michele T. Wulff | Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Our Authors: Michele Wulff | EconEdLink
TEN Magazine by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Teaching Tips from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Michele Wulff, Alex Jones’ new Jewish mother-in-law and Federal Reserve System employee


Alex Jones’ father testified in court on Monday, April 24th, saying in part that he has made “millions of dollars” over the past several years creating front companies that contract business with Infowars. Alex Jones’ mother testified in court on Friday, April 21st, saying in part that Infowars is a “family business” and that she and Alex Jones’ father are both heavily involved in all aspects of the Infowars operation. Since Alex Jones has already stated in the past that both of his parents were/are C.I.A. operatives, these recent admissions from Alex Jones’ parents constitute direct evidence that Infowars is a covert U.S. Govt. intelligence operation.

Executive Summary
– Alex Jones and his Jewish ex-wife Kelly Nichols were locked in a two week long child custody trial in Travis County, Texas.
– Alex Jones’ lawyers argued that their client should not be judged on his parental fitness by his fake on-air radio persona.
– Kelly Nichols’ lawyers argued that Alex Jones’ on-air behavior proves that he is an unfit parent to their three children.
– The Travis County jury awarded Alex Jones and Kelly Nichols joint custody of their children and gave Kelly Nichols the right to decide where the children will live.
– Alex Jones, disliking the jury’s decision, filed motions with the Travis County court to set aside the jury verdict and have a new trial.

Alex Jones’ ex-wife’s Twitter account.
Alex Jones’ ex-wife’s Facebook page.
Alex Jones’ ex-wife’s YouTube channel.

Alex Jones arrives at Travis County Family Court with his ex-Blackwater mercenary bodyguard Quentin Carter. Jones rarely ventures into public without Carter at his side. As part of his occupational duties with Blackwater, Carter provided physical protection to high level U.S. Dept. of Defense officials in the Middle East during the Iraq War, and now performs a similar function for Jones. Alex Jones employs several such private military contractors (PMC’s) and U.S. military special forces operators, a fact which supplies further evidence that Infowars is a covert U.S. Dept. of Defense intelligence / psychological warfare operation.


Alex Jones has a new wife. Alex Jones married Austin, Texas area Jewish sex escort / yoga instructor Erika Wulff in January, 2017. Alex Jones had been utilizing Erika Wulff’s sexual escort services since at least early 2013, which was the original reason that his ex-wife Kelly ‘Violet’ Nichols divorced him.

Alex Jones Gets Married 2017
Sugar Nights Austin Escort Listings: Ajna
ECCIE Review: Ajna
The Erotic Review: Ajna
Eastside Yoga – Erika Wulff

Erika Wulff, Alex Jones’ new Jewish sex escort wife and C.I.A. operative


Alex Jones was legally divorced from his Jewish wife Kelly Jones/Violet Nichols on March 23, 2015. Kelly/Violet initially filed for divorce from Alex Jones on December 18, 2013, and since then has been engaged in continuous litigation against him over custody of their three children. As part of the divorce settlement, Alex Jones was court ordered to deed the family house (valued at $900k) to Kelly/Violet as well as sign a promissory note payable to Kelly/Violet in the amount of $2.7 million (Kelly/Violet also owns an additional house valued at $1 million).

Click here for a direct link to Alex Jones’ divorce settlement document on the Travis County, Texas official public records website.

Click here for a direct link to Alex Jones’ divorce trial document on the Hays County, Texas official court records website. Search for case #13-2647.


1. – Alex Jones’ current wife and ex-wife are both Jewish, with whom he has a total of four(4) children.

2. – Alex Jones, his current wife, ex-wife, and children all qualify for Israeli citizenship under Israel’s Law of Return.

3. – Alex Jones is funded by at least thirty-four(34) Jewish sponsors and advertisers whom financially support his radio show and websites.

4. – Alex Jones’ flagship radio station, KLBJ AM, in Austin, Texas, is owned by Emmis Communications, a media conglomerate based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The founder, chairman, president, and CEO of Emmis Communications is the Zionist Jew Jeffrey Smulyan.

5. – Alex Jones’ radio show is nationally syndicated and broadcast on 42 AM and FM radio stations throughout the United States by the Genesis Communications Network. The founder, owner, president, and CEO of Genesis Communications Network is the Christian Zionist Ted Anderson.

6. – Alex Jones employs a Jewish attorney named Elizabeth Morgan who is also employed by Holly Lev Bronfman, the sister of Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Thus there is only one degree of separation between Alex Jones and the Bronfman family, one of the wealthiest and most influential Jewish Zionist families in North America.

7. – Alex Jones’ employee Molly Maroney, the managing editor of Infowars Magazine, is a former intern for Stratfor, a private intelligence agency based in Austin, Texas, which is linked to Israeli government intelligence agencies. The founder and CEO of Stratfor is the Zionist Jew George Friedman. Thus there is only one degree of separation between Alex Jones and Stratfor.

1,300 thoughts on “Alex Jones Exposed
  • TheZOG says:

    For anyone who might not appreciate the significance of the information that has been uncovered on this website, here are some of the IP addresses which visited this site immediately or soon after I posted the Infowars “tip of the spear” U.S. Special Operations Command material here: – West Mclean, VA – Arlington, VA – Arlington, VA – Arlington, VA – Washington, DC – Washington, DC – Washington, DC – Washington, DC – B M Goldwater A F Range, AZ – B M Goldwater A F Range, AZ – Alexandria, VA – Burke, VA – Fairfax, VA – Falls Church, VA – Falls Church, VA – Reston, VA – Beltsville, MD – Bethesda, MD – Hyattsville, MD – Silver Spring, MD

    • The West Mclean, VA IP address is the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

    • The Arlington, VA IP addresses are the U.S. Department of Defense.

    • The Washington, DC IP addresses are probably the U.S. Department of State.

    • The B M Goldwater A F Range, AZ IP addresses are the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range.

    • The other Maryland and Virginia IP addresses are various U.S. Dept. of Defense and U.S. Central Intelligence Agency corporate contractors.

    • Brendon says:

      Ya know lizards are running things. Stop blaming the cia 🙁

      • TheZOG says:


        But on a serious note, it’s more USSOCOM that is running this stuff than the CIA. The CIA has a more arms length, deniable role. USSOCOM has the responsibility of running things day to day, from what I can tell.

  • elantoh says:

    Is anyone surprised? I was kicked off of Infowars ten years for a simple comment about those two guys who made a popular 9/11 video.

    This is what I sing about regarding our current reality:
    Everything That You Know is a Lie
    http s://

  • Alahu-Snakbar says:

    Look what pushing BEYOND TANGY TANGERINE 2.0 can do for you!!

  • Thorby Baslim says:


  • Sayanim Smash says:

    No real news ever comes out of InfoWhores.

    Fantastic compilation- bet he’s directly surrounded by IDF/ Mossad agents too.

    This scam the most successful psyop since 1960s cointelpro.

    • Brendon says:

      Wrong! Most successful psy op is flat earth and David Icke.


      Jones is still “passably” useful. Ala, Dr Steve Pieczenik and his June (???) interview where he lays out Israel doing 9-11 and a boat load of high level American ho’s for Israel needed arresting. I can use that – Sent to 800 Australian politicians and media outlets and I got some good replies. I cant use Icke who has infected this subject for far to long.

      Icke can pack 6000 people at 30 pounds $35 USD a head talking of lizards and royals drinking blood and the complexity of the conspiracy…when the conspiracy is pretty simple.


      I have personally lost serious skin in this game and gone insane trying to get people together – even sincere WN/BN types – because we wont have a ship to fight over if the particularly virulent strain of Jewish Power – Netanyahu and neocons – are not brought to heel.

      War for Greater Israel is coming. A real one.

      I sat in an Iranian restaurant in November 2016 with academics, Press TV staff and government analysts arguing about Saudi Arabia getting the BBC to say “Arabian Gulf” instead of “Persian Gulf” as if it was the end of the world. Cant say Israel came up till the end. Academic slapped me on the back, laughed that I was still alive taking on Israel and they all left. That was the substance of an Iranian get together to go after Jewish Power and Israel – they would rather bitch about Saudi than Israel.

      At least they dont talk about lizards.

      We are all wasting our time. No one has any money. 3/4 of the people I speak to are mentally ill, Zionist Jews and/or multiple accounts of the same person fishing for information and emailing me links from WRH and his mate the stock broker with the Fulford level Planet X analysis.

      Wanna make money? Worship Putin. Worship Iran. And/or, defend Trump at least at the level he is a misguided fool who WANTS to make things better but now he is a tool of the ubiquitous…deep state/hydra/illuminati/white witch society/black witch society/society of catholic dog walkers…just dont mention the…

      The internet is a bigger swamp than DC

      • TheZOG says:

        The internet is a bigger swamp than DC

        Well, remember who created the internet in the first place: the U.S. Dept. of Defense.

    • Brendon says:

      Wrote a reply about my time in Iran – not shown up.

  • JadedFlower says:

    Erika Wulff seems very much the type CIA/Mossad use in sex blackmail ops.

    • TheZOG says:

      Bingo. That’s exactly what she is.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one person who gets that.

      • Brendon says:

        Jones doesn’t need a black mail op – he just walks out on the street off his face on meth and alcohol and does it all himself. Why need a covert op for Jones? His behavior is LEGENDARY – in full public view. Ask musicians around Austin.

        Maybe he’s just scared – plain and simple. Now he’s hangin wid Mr Blackwater and the crew. All those jars of Dexies (meth for kids and stock brokers house wives and ISIS), and its hard to resist a yoga blonde sex toy.

        Its easy to throw stones at a high profile name like Jones. But he has past the point of no return 600 times.

        I’m still hoping for a double date with Millie and Leanne…

      • TheZOG says:

        Well, I’m not really implying that Erika Wulff was/is sexually blackmailing Alex Jones. Alex Jones is already a 2nd generation CIA/SOCOM agent, so there’s really no need to blackmail him per se. What I’m saying is that Erika Wulff was involved in sexually blackmailing other men, e.g. prominent men in Texas politics and business (and possibly other geographic locations as well).

        Alex’s rat faced Jewess isn’t a real blonde though. It’s just a dye job.

  • My name is Lisa Sperling and I’m a Jewish bullshit artist.

  • Steve says:

    Great expose on Jones. As with all governmedia operations I believe the numbers in regard to viewer-listenership are as fraudulent as the propaganda they broadcast, whether mainstream and particularly alternative media.
    I spotted Jones’ bullshit in 2000 and Bill Cooper flammed Jones’ credibility in what for most people would have been a career ending blow.

    In fact, I had grief with the Genesis Communication Network (GCN) and one Michael Trudeau which resulted in my contacting Trudeau. Via phone conversation I voiced my concerns over specific practices of Jones and GCN as being not Christian behavior, to which Trudeau responded that GCN was not a Christian organization.
    I thought that very odd because the lineup of their networks shows at that time was geared to attract Christian listeners.

    Genesis, means a beginning or something new and Jones mantra was and still is about something new. A New World Order.
    A Genesis World Order? These creatures are creepy in the extreme and Jones’ egomaniacal mental illness is matched only by his willingness to forsake all he claims to defend in order to satisfy his psychotic lust for fame to the point of looking and sounding like a complete maniac.

    Jones’ and his dangerous program has devolved into a madman’s crusade much like the self destructive Lonesome Rhodes character played by Andy Griffith in the film “A Face In The Crowd” who destroyed everyone including himself as his ego consumed his own sanity.
    It’s a comparison I made many times over the years in chat rooms since 2000.

    Jones and those frauds like him i.e. John Stadtmiller at RBN (whom I had words with live on air to which he shut his mouth for 15 seconds which is an eternity in live radio) and now YouTube is absolutely polluted with bullshit artists posing as “truth tellers” are all of the same type.
    There is no truth anymore other than what we discern by using our instincts and depth of study in determining fact or fiction for ourselves.

    The Jones’ of the past and present are the greatest tool in the hands of those destroying our world. They target the small segment if our society which has resisted media brainwashing.

    Jones is the epitome of corruption. He is a mentally unstable government wind-up toy and all he needs to take down our nation is for his money masters to turn his crank.

    • Tim says:

      Unbelievable discernment. Unfortunately for us, Steve, we are two of the very few who actually seek truth. Jones is himself a change agent who was sent here to pacify all of those who are beginning to wake up to the truth of the absurd situation in which we have now found ourselves living, just as was Trump. The ridiculous film, Idiocracy, was prophetic in nature as far as their prediction of the social and political climate that is now our present.

      I actually wrote a book about this whole situation, called, Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals. You can email me at , if you feel so-led. I actually have a new book coming out called ‘Judah, Back Upright,’ which is my personal research of The Bible and the revelations that followed.

      The things that are going on, the deception, is deep even beyond our understanding, and the more you look, the more disturbing it becomes. Fortunately for the evil ones running this world: NO ONE WILL LOOK! Just as in the case of Jonah and Nineveh or any of the other Prophets of The Bible; they were all relatively thankless missions. But, unfortunately for the evil ones, Yeshua went out as a Lamb but will return as a ‘Lion.’

      Thank You for being a fellow soldier in our ‘thankless mission.’ God Bless!

      Your Brother in Christ, Yeshua!


    • Brendon says:

      I make one point – CIA…blah, blah, blah…just another acronym. The real whoring work is done by the PRIVATE INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES. These go back to Rupert Murdoch operating in London with his pals to bring down the Soviet Union. Watch all of Adam Curtis’s stuff. British doco maker. Viktor Rothschild – MI6. The Silver MAster spy group. The Cambridge Five. Etc.

      I tell ya what, give me $10 million dollars and I’ll make stuff happen.Hence why I am poor and marginalised and not making big bucks online with $1000 + a month spent on fake clicks and fake subscribers – and thats just the tiny “players” from the house wife with a view to the black rapper come political activist black panther devote to a suit wearing KKK member.

      You note the glory days, sub 2005. It all ended for me 2008 when The Skunk and went away…Liberty Forum gone. I was an ass on that forum, never realising I was on the top of the free speech mountain where REAL intelligent discourse and funny, witty abuse took place that had you rolling in laughter while getting grade a info. LF was filled with Jews, academics, journalists – and now what do we have? Retarded WN shills (and their opposites) screaming race divide, Muslim bashing on a scale not seen before – Jones the king – and just plain crap, over the top, pathetic and irrelevant drivel from Benji Fulfords Planet X versus the Chinese White Dragon Society versus Icke and the lizards and the royals drinking blood.

      It has become such a fu%^^ing joke it is embarrassing to be online in the muck.

      So yes…valid points and you caused me to reminisce.

      • TheZOG says:

        All of those groups/websites you just listed are controlled by the same two entities, Brendon:

        U.S. Special Operations Command and the Central Intelligence Agency.

        But, yeah, I agree that the private intelligence agencies are playing a huge role as well, especially after the 9/11 attacks when the U.S. intelligence community started outsourcing most of its activities to corporate contractors.

      • Brendon says:

        THE ZOG – cant reply to you directly.

        Its not “run” by them. Its run by “English Lords” on chesterfield lounges and their proxy business banking class.

        They may from time to time use them – but they are a stratosphere above them. Rothschild runs Iranian arms, Israeli arms, German arms, Russian arms etc of his private banking cartel intelligence network. CIA? I doubt they know the price of the coffee in the canteen.

        Army intelligence run it but corporate head quarters is City of London. Giving a call to…whomever…London, Rome, Moscow, Tel Aviv and even Tehran.

        Its a club, and we aint in it. I know you know these things. I’m just having a bad morning that strong coffee cannot fix 🙁

        AND…every time I write my name this pops up –


        I just wrote a letter to Roger Reaves and spoke with his wife yesterday – the former Medellin Cartel transporter who gets Jimmy Carter writing him a reference. Roger is in Acacia Prison, Western Australia.

        I got his book published. Any ideas how it is ROGER REAVES ACACIA” is popping up?

        Such is my strange online life. You should see my network logs.

      • TheZOG says:

        Such is my strange online life. You should see my network logs.

        Speaking of which, did you see the list of visitors I got here right after I posted the Infowars U.S. Special Operations Command stuff?

    • elantoh says:

      Hey Steve,

      Some of us who have been talking about this for decades have grown very weary of any of the sources out there who never talk about SOLUTIONS, only fear porn. Here is how I addressed it:

      Everything You Know is a Lie
      http s://

    • Brendon says:

      I will always remember “REUBIN” of the JDL online at LF. We all used to abuse him when bored. He died of cancer.

      Even though we all hated him we sent our condolences.

      Those days are gone. A “slightly” intelligent free for all where if you used the term “illuminati” – let alone lizards – you were laughed off the platform.

      Everything that is taken for granted now started on that forum.

  • Brendon says:

    Yeh, US Corp of Army Engineers. They dont just dig toilet holes.

    What I love most is the TOR Network. Look at the foundation of the infrastructure and concept – Office of Naval Intelligence. Who is the biggest funder of the network? The Office of Naval Intelligence. I know this because it is right on their website.

    Everything is a lie.

    Edward Snowden sent open emails to Glen Greenwald, a heavily monitored activist journalist – living with his gay lover in Brazil – stating that he had high level info that could only be sent to him via GNUPGP encryption. The very same information released by said individual then told us they were monitoring everyone – in real time. With a particular focus on certain individuals – like Greenwald – who gets violated every time he visits the United States via airport security.

    BUT…apparently…the rest is history and an Oliver Stone film.

    Simple questions.

    How many people NOW will not go online, comment privately? How many? How many journalists? How many Professors? Who once thought they had some anonymity? Well, Ed just told them in no uncertain terms…”WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE! SHUT THE F*%CK UP!” And indeed they have…

    Now I get to debate lizards, flat earthers and race baiters and neo-nazi Jews in Tel Aviv coz it all makes sense now.

    Adam Curits – Hypernormalization.

    Richard Theime – The Only Way To Tell Truth In The National Security State Is Through Fiction.

  • The continuous and skewed coverage of everything terrorist is the strongest indicator this position is correct. Not one positive article or piece about Islam, never a peep about Sufi Islam. Add the Rense Network to this list as well.

    • TheZOG says:

      Yes. All right wing / white nationalist / conspiracy websites are Zionist CIA/Pentagon psychological operations. There are no exceptions to this rule.

      • Chris says:

        Hey ZOG,

        Great stuff.

        Any comments about Mike King (Tomatobubble) and Veteranstoday?

        What about Brother Nathanael? Seems as if you used to post on there.

        Are those guys legit or psy ops too?

      • TheZOG says:

        Are those guys legit or psy ops too?

        Mega psyops.

        Veterans Today is owned/edited/operated exclusively by U.S. military intelligence officers and contractors, and they don’t even try to hide that fact. They list all of this information openly on their own website. Just go to the ‘editors’ section of Veterans Today and it’s all laid out quite nicely. Gordon Duff himself is an “ex” U.S. military officer and is on the board of directors of some secretive Swiss military intelligence contractor corporation (I can’t recall the name of the corporation off hand).

        Mike King and Milton Kapner are also part of this same CIA/USSOCOM psychological operation. Notice that they’re both pro-Putin/pro-Russia, which is a universal script that all of these CIA/USSOCOM intelligence agents have to follow (because they’re ordered to).

        Milton Kapner runs a scam tax exempt entity (“Brother Nathanael Foundation”) that has an annual income of $200k+ and declares an appreciation expense on $2 million of assets. Where did all of this money come from? Don’t expect any answers from Milton Kapner though. He’s very secretive about his sources of funding. And I’m sure none of his readers have ever bothered to read his mandatory annual IRS 501c(3) tax filings, so they’re probably completely oblivious about how much money he has.

        http s://

        This creep’s IRS 990 for 2012 has Form 4562 attached as the last page — — that shows depreciation for his “property” (doesn’t say what that is) valued at $2 million! He keeps crying poor, lines his own pockets with the “donations” the saps keep sending him. Very very troubling. If you know how to review these filings, and other regulatory requirements, there’s enough info, or lack thereof, to file a complaint with the IRS, and other agencies, and hopefully they’ll revoke his dodgy tax-exempt status, and make him pay back taxes and penalties.

      • Chris says:

        Mr. Zog,

        Ok. Great. I see where this is going. So the next logical question is–who can we trust for the truth? I mean, with all due respect, who are you? A reasonable person could surmise that, as said in the Rolling Stone’s song, Sympathy for the Devil, that Lucifer’s game is confusion–allowing the criminals to escape in the fog.

        What say you?

      • TheZOG says:

        You can’t trust any single person for “the truth.” You have to synthesize information from many different sources and come up with your own world view based on that synthesis.

        And you certainly shouldn’t trust anonymous people on the internet, including me. You should verify every claim for yourself, if possible. When I make claims, I always try to use sources to support them.

        By far and away the most common deception technique that these white nationalist/right wing/patriot/conspiracy internet personalities utilize is lying by omission. They are absolute experts at this tactic. I could provide endless examples of them doing this. Lying by omission is the most sophisticated and insidious form of lying, because unless a person is already knowledgeable about a particular subject/topic, then that person will have no way of knowing when this technique is being used on them.

      • Chris says:


        Thanks for reminding me about lying by omission. The main stream media have become masters at that too, especially fooling the older generation who still thinks the MSM is worthy of their trust.

        Here are some more names for you: Biblicism Institute; Jerome Corsi; QAnon.

        Any thoughts on those?

      • TheZOG says:
        • I’ve never heard of the “Biblicism Institute,” but just going by the name alone it sounds like some Christian Zionist Protestant Evangelical propaganda site.

        • Jerome Corsi is a hard core Zionist and a lifelong C.I.A. or D.o.D. intelligence asset. He also has connections to Israeli Govt. intelligence agencies, a fact which he admitted live on Alex Jones’ radio show.

        • QAnon is a Dept. of Defense U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) psychological operation (PSYOP). The reason I know this is because all the individuals involved with it are current or “former” D.o.D. employees.

      • Chris says:

        Here’s the link to the Biblicism Institute:

      • TheZOG says:

        Well, I stand corrected. It’s obviously not a Christian Protestant Evangelical Zionist website.

        It’s name “Biblicism Institute” is kind of misleading though, since it’s just a free WordPress blog.

        Hmm, maybe I should change the name of this site to the “Alex Jones Exposed Institute.”

      • Chris says:


        That Biblicism Institute wordpress site seemed to be an odd duck compared to the other psyop sites you mentioned.

        They are not begging for money claiming how dirt poor they are. They are not making slick You Tube videos out of a million dollar studio. They aren’t asking you to join their church and unload your wallet. They’re not calling for armed revolution to goad the authorities to impose more restrictions on your liberties.

        And they explicitly state that they are maintaining their anonymity for obvious reasons.

        Yet…if by constantly pointing the finger at the Jews, they agitate the portion of the populace that simply plays the blame game and doesn’t lift a finger to change anything.

        And perhaps, they accomplish the same goal of dividing and conquering as a psyop would.

        What do you think?

      • TheZOG says:

        I don’t know.

      • elantoh says:

        So tired of all the keyboard commando know-it-alls who arrogantly poffer that THIS IS THE WAY IT IS. Never proof, mostly conjecture and repeating other’s comments and ideas.

        If you really have and interest in helping humanity free itself, come up with some SOLUTIONS rather then more fear porn. We know most all the issues and the players, etc., so what?? How does that make things better by contantly repeating the alternative lingo of Satanists, cognitive dissonance, inside job, blah, blah??

      • Chris says:


        Good comment. That is what I was thinking about too.

        It’s really great to expose the evildoers and their sly and subversive techniques. But we also need to rise to positions of leadership as much as we are able, even if it simply in our own homes.

        I believe we need to keep applying salt and light. Light sanitizes by taking away the darkness–exposing evil. Salt preserves what is good. It acts as an antiseptic against what is corrupt.

        Also remember to constantly seek and proclaim the truth to your neighbors. That is certainly what you can do for your little corner of the world. And encourage your neighbors to do the same.

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