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IMPORTANT UPDATES: Alex Jones’ father testified in court on Monday, April 24th, saying in part that he has made “millions of dollars” over the past several years creating front companies that contract business with Infowars. Alex Jones’ mother testified in court on Friday, April 21st, saying in part that Infowars is a “family business” and that she and Alex Jones’ father are both heavily involved in all aspects of the Infowars operation. Since Alex Jones has already stated in the past that both of his parents were/are C.I.A. operatives, these recent admissions from Alex Jones’ parents constitute direct proof that Infowars is in fact a covert U.S. Govt. intelligence operation.

Alex Jones’ public two week long child custody trial is being covered by Jewish journalist Jonathan Tilove of the Austin American-Statesman.

Click here to read Jonathan Tilove’s detailed daily articles on the subject.

Click here to read Jonathan Tilove’s Twitter account for daily updates.

Executive Summary
– Alex Jones and his Jewish ex-wife Kelly Nichols are locked in a two week long child custody trial in Travis County, Texas.
– Alex Jones’ lawyers are arguing that their client should not be judged on his parental fitness by his fake on-air radio persona.
– Kelly Nichols’ lawyers are arguing that Alex Jones’ on-air behavior proves that he is an unfit parent to their three children.

Alex Jones arrives at Travis County Family Court with his Blackwater mercenary bodyguard Quentin Carter. Jones never ventures into public without Carter at his side. As part of his job duties with Blackwater, Carter provided physical protection to high level U.S. Govt. officials in the Middle East during the Iraq War, and now performs a similar function for Jones. Alex Jones employs several such private military contractors and U.S. Army Special-Ops agents, a fact which provides yet more evidence that Infowars is a covert U.S. Govt. intelligence operation.

HUGE UPDATE! Alex Jones has a new wife. Alex Jones married Austin, Texas area Jewish escort / yoga instructor Erika Wulff in January, 2017. Alex Jones had been utilizing Erika Wulff’s escort services since at least early 2013, which was the original reason that his ex-wife Kelly ‘Violet’ Nichols divorced him.

Erika Wulff, Alex Jones’ new Jewish escort wife

BREAKING NEWS! Alex Jones was legally divorced from his Jewish wife Kelly Jones/Violet Nichols on March 23, 2015. Kelly/Violet initially filed for divorce from Alex Jones on December 18, 2013, and since then has been engaged in continuous litigation against him over custody of their three children. As part of the divorce settlement, Alex Jones was court ordered to deed the family house (valued at $900k) to Kelly/Violet as well as sign a promissory note payable to Kelly/Violet in the amount of $2.7 million (Kelly/Violet also owns an additional house valued at $1 million).

Click here for a direct link to Alex Jones’ divorce settlement document on the Travis County, Texas official public records website.

Click here for a direct link to Alex Jones’ divorce trial document on the Hays County, Texas official court records website. Search for case #13-2647.

Alex Jones’ divorce was first discovered by this website, Self-admitted F.B.I. informant and D.o.D. intelligence agent Aaron Wilson of GONOB Radio / Alex Jones Critic / Alt-Media Radio / Alt-Right Radio / Video Freedom / 360win falsely claims that he was the first to discover Alex Jones’ divorce, but in fact Wilson only thought that Alex Jones and his wife were separated, not divorced. It was this site,, that first discovered the Hays / Travis County official public records indicating that Alex Jones and his wife were divorced, not just separated. (Additional note: Aaron Wilson serially reinvents himself online in order to better infiltrate and monitor various internet communities for the Federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies that he contracts for.)

1. – Alex Jones was married to a Jewish woman named Violet Nichols, with whom he has three(3) children.

2. – Alex Jones’ Jewish ex-wife and children all qualify for Israeli citizenship under Israel’s ‘Law of Return’.

3. – Alex Jones is funded by at least thirty-four(34) Jewish sponsors and advertisers whom financially support his radio show and websites.

4. – Alex Jones’ flagship radio station, KLBJ AM, in Austin, Texas, is owned by Emmis Communications, a media conglomerate based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The founder, chairman, president, and CEO of Emmis Communications is the Zionist Jew Jeffrey Smulyan.

5. – Alex Jones’ radio show is broadcast on Sirius XM Radio. The chairman of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Eddy Hartenstein. The CEO of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Mel Karmazin. The President of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Scott Greenstein. Of the six(6) executive officers of Sirius XM Radio, five(5) are Jews.

6. – Alex Jones employs a Jewish attorney named Elizabeth Morgan who is also employed by Holly Lev Bronfman, the sister of Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and the Bronfman family, one of the wealthiest and most influential Jewish Zionist families in North America.

7. – Alex Jones’ employee Molly Maroney, the managing editor of Infowars Magazine, is a former intern for Stratfor, a private intelligence agency based in Austin, Texas, which has been linked to the C.I.A. and Mossad. The founder and CEO of Stratfor is the Zionist Jew George Friedman. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and Stratfor.

8. – Alex Jones’ parents David Jones and Carol Jones have been employed by the C.I.A. in the past. Alex Jones’ cousin Verna Grayce Chao is currently employed as a C.I.A. contractor by Dell (previously by IBM). Verna’s brother Buckley Hamman was one of the original founders of Infowars in 1995. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Alex Jones’ C.I.A. family connections

923 thoughts on “Alex Jones Exposed
  • Rob Price says:

    I typed that house address off the document into google maps and it has a big ass swimming pool in the back yard. Shilling for Jews and Trump must pay well.

    • TheZOG says:

      Wow! Thank you, Brooke Banners. I can’t believe this information has finally gone public. I’m going to put that article at the top of the front page immediately.

      • Your welcome Zog — I’ve been listening a long time. I’m glad I’m not the only person who thinks AJ has gone over the edge. The posts and comments on this board have made me feel less insane so, thanks to you guys. 🙂

  • Gargantuan Filth says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Alex jones and the alt right write fake news i can tell you this personally one of infowars favorite website is campus reform I had a story similar to Caleb O’Neill story I used there tip line and here is the response I’ve got Unfortunately, it seems as though you’re misunderstanding Campus Reform’s mission, because we’re not going to be able to help you with this in any way.

    Although the article we wrote about Caleb O’Neil did relate to him filming his professor, the real story was that his professor had been caught making inflammatory and irrelevant political statements in class, and that the school subsequently used an arcane policy on classroom recordings to justify suspending him for releasing the video, which the school found embarrassing.

    Sorry there isn’t anything we can do for you, but I’m sure that the investigations you mentioned will get to the truth of the matter.

    Peter Fricke

  • Anonymous says:

    I once ask alex what bible he read, KJV, 1611, Greek Orthodox, which one? He looked at me and walked away. That is when I knew he was not who he claimed to be.

    • Interesting, but not a surprise. He may have never read the Bible. Remember how he said that he “saw” that Donald Trump would have the Holy Ghost. Next time you may ask him which pornography he reads. He might be able to answer this quite better, lol 🙂

  • TheZOG says:

    Alex Jones’ new Jewish escort wife gives a whole new meaning to the term “Infowhores,” huh?


    • dcinfowarrior says:

      He’s probably dicking Lee Ann Whackadoodle on the side, too.

      • TheZOG says:

        I seriously doubt it. Lee Ann McAdoo isn’t Jewish.

      • TheZOG says:

        Sorry, dc, I can’t approve your other comment. We gotta be careful about stuff like that. But your overall point is correct that Alex Jones employs physically dangerous U.S. Army Special-Ops agents and private military contractors.

        • dcinfowarrior says:

          I understand. I don’t want your site to come under the scrutiny of Trump’s DHS.

          Although it wouldn’t surprise me if he pays STRATFOR to hack into PETA’s email servers and dig up even more dirt on her past work at PETA. If Alex can link Kelly to the killing of animals at PETA or colluding with the Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front (both of whuch are on the FBI’s list of domestic terrorist groups), then he will pretty much win full custody.

  • Thank you for your information. I really appreciate it. I kind of thought so too, but I am not 100% sure. This is why I asked 🙂

  • Anne Lee says:

    The Jesuits took over the Vatican, right?
    I am starting to think there is a “Super” Globalists Cabal on top that may be in their final battle for a supreme Controller of the world. These elite of the elite are a kind of steering committee who may not even show up at Bilderberg and this probably includes the Pope. This handful of Supreme Globalists hold most of the world’s physical assets inc much of the gold and land which has been stolen from governments and other .1% ers for centuries. Recently I started to think there might be an invisible battle among the Globalists for the ultimate Controller of the world position. These people never seem to accept their place and always want more. I think there may be a planetary battle for the ultimate supreme ruler of the world. The Biblical metaphor of the clash between Satan and the Return of Christ explains the current political prediction of the clash of civilizations (Islam and Christianity).

  • I thought the CIA is run by the Jesuits. Who is actually running the show? The Vatican, or the Zionists. When I try to research this I find two opinions. Both have good arguments. But who has infiltrated whom? The Vatican the Zionists, or the other way around?

    • TheZOG says:

      The “Jesuit” conspiracy theory is asinine, for several reasons:

      1. The Jesuit Order was mostly founded by Marrano Jews (e.g. Diego Laynez)

      2. The Catholic Church (and Christianity itself) was founded by Jews (e.g. Kephas, Sha’ul).

      3. Catholics, who comprise approximately 25% of the U.S. population, are not especially over-represented among the American elite.

  • He might be a CIA agent, but I think he is in bed with the Zionists too. She still might be a handler for him, the Mossad is often using prostitutes for this. However, what do we really know. Alex Jones is a shill, this I know 🙂

    • TheZOG says:

      He might be a CIA agent, but I think he is in bed with the Zionists too.

      Those are one and the same thing. The C.I.A. is run by Jewish/Irish Zionists, as is the Dept. of Defense.

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