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BREAKING NEWS! Alex Jones was legally divorced from his Jewish wife Kelly Jones/Violet Nichols on March 23, 2015. Kelly/Violet initially filed for divorce from Alex Jones on December 18, 2013, and since then has been engaged in continuous litigation against him over custody of their three children. As part of the divorce settlement, Alex Jones was court ordered to deed the family house (valued at $900k) to Kelly/Violet as well as sign a promissory note payable to Kelly/Violet in the amount of $2.7 million (Kelly/Violet also owns an additional house valued at $1 million). Alex Jones’ separation from his wife was first revealed by Defense Intelligence Agency contractor Aaron Wilson of G.O.N.O.B. Radio / Alex Jones Critic / Alt-Media Radio / Alt-Right Radio / etc. (He serially reinvents himself in keeping with his D.I.A. spy profile.)

Here is a direct link to Alex Jones’ divorce settlement document on the Travis County, Texas official records website.

Here is a direct link to Alex Jones’ divorce trial document on the Hays County, Texas official court records website. Search for case #13-2647.

1. – Alex Jones was married to a Jewish woman named Violet Nichols, with whom he has three(3) children.

2. – Alex Jones’ Jewish ex-wife and children all qualify for Israeli citizenship under Israel’s ‘Law of Return’.

3. – Alex Jones is funded by at least thirty-four(34) Jewish sponsors and advertisers whom financially support his radio show and websites.

4. – Alex Jones’ flagship radio station, KLBJ AM, in Austin, Texas, is owned by Emmis Communications, a media conglomerate based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The founder, chairman, president, and CEO of Emmis Communications is the Zionist Jew Jeffrey Smulyan.

5. – Alex Jones’ radio show is broadcast on Sirius XM Radio. The chairman of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Eddy Hartenstein. The CEO of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Mel Karmazin. The President of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Scott Greenstein. Of the six(6) executive officers of Sirius XM Radio, five(5) are Jews.

6. – Alex Jones employs a Jewish attorney named Elizabeth Morgan who is also employed by Holly Lev Bronfman, the sister of Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and the Bronfman family, one of the wealthiest and most influential Jewish Zionist families in North America.

7. – Alex Jones’ employee Molly Maroney, the managing editor of Infowars Magazine, is a former intern for Stratfor, a private intelligence agency based in Austin, Texas, which has been linked to the C.I.A. and Mossad. The founder and CEO of Stratfor is the Zionist Jew George Friedman. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and Stratfor.

8. – Alex Jones’ parents David Jones and Carol Jones have been employed by the C.I.A. in the past. Alex Jones’ cousin Verna Grayce Chao is currently employed as a C.I.A. contractor by Dell (previously by IBM). Verna’s brother Buckley Hamman was one of the original founders of Infowars in 1995. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and the Central Intelligence Agency.

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  • I would suggest that anyone who is interested in truth watch these 2 great films by Dennis Wise –

  • Sam'ole says:

    Alex Jones intelligence equals Russian intelligence. Russian intelligence equals Alex Jones intelligence.

    • TheZOG says:

      No. Alex Jones is a C.I.A. operative. But he does have connections to the Russian Govt. via his many interviews with Russian state television (he just recently did a live interview with Alexander Dugin on a Russian TV network). That I can’t explain. The C.I.A. is working with the Russian Govt. intelligence agencies for some reason.

  • Pascra says:

    Alex has admitted that he is a j-e-w and pro-i-s-r-a-e-l…see his interview with Dr. David Duke

  • The thing about Jones is not his Jewish wife, but the fact that he preaches against government and globalism yet suck Trump’s dick like he’s the second coming. He refuses to see Trump as anything other than the con man that he is. Jones is an agent alright and you can best believe he’s on some government payroll. Jones is a race baiting clown who like trump is in it for his own gain. If half the stuff he talks about came true we’d all be chained up in some camp, headless in a ditch or confined to our homes 23 hours a day. This fear mongering meat head is giving paranoid psychos just what they want.

    • Shawn Rodriguez says:

      This was the best answer in my honest opinion. With all his money, Trump is surrounded by opportunists. Alex is one of them. He will be getting a fat check soon!

      • "Truther" since the 90s says:

        Anyone who’s been in this ‘truth movement’ long enough knows what you said is true. Partly because we’ve paid attention for long enough ad carefully enough to see all the lies.

        Now, with that being said, and considering the fact that all the big ‘truthseekers’, alt-righters, rightists back Trump–a clear provocateur– ask yourself: what does that say about the ‘movement’?

        People claiming to be aware that the two-party system is rigged, suddenly ‘forgot’. Suddenly, voting works. Suddenly, everything that made it obvious the system is fucked, is proof that it isn’t. Suddenly, surrounding yourself with zionists and bankers is good. Suddenly, the ‘police state’ is good. And suddenly, race baiting–previously stated as a divide and conquer tactic–is good!

        Go look at prisonplanet or infowars. He’s adding fuel to the Race War ™ that he claimed the “Globalists” wanted. Pushing his followers closer to the edge of anger and fear.

        And if you take a look at those sites like ZeroHedge, OccidentalObserver, DailyStormer, and other ones who talk about Jew, Jew, Jew they’re doing the exact same thing. So you claim Jews are fixing for a race war, so they can bring in a dictatorship…then you push for a race war yourself? Wait a minute. How does that make you anti-Jew or ant-Zionist? And leftists make it even worse.

        These anti-Zionist or Jew crusaders say the Protocols of Zion are true, that the document says it’ll stir up racial hatreds. But if you take a look at these nationalists and sites that say Trump is fighting the ‘Jews’, they play right into it. Most of these sites are run by liars and/or fools.

        • TheZOG says:

          But if you take a look at these nationalists and sites that say Trump is fighting the ‘Jews’, they play right into it. Most of these sites are run by liars and/or fools.

          No, those sites are run by U.S. Govt. intelligence agents.

          I have pretty good evidence that the conspiracy, patriot, and white nationalist subcultures are all controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Defense.

          Good post, by the way. Very few people are astute enough to notice all the blatant self-contradictory behavior of these groups.

        • Bryan Brown says:

          Couldn’t agree more. I was a listener when I moved to Austin in 2009. Sure he would get riled up but the energy was contagious. I will say that i started really digging into some history as a result. But I always am aware of falling into the trap of blind faith and eventually got disturbed at the type of rhetoric and tone he would take. You can see some of my artwork from the “V for Victory” movement that actually was right around the Arab spring… the clean white bg with bold V simple fonts and like a tricorn hat …. I enjoyed making them because to me it was all a big ruse.

          What gets me is that here we are, the time that he warned about and he is a propaganda piece. I hadn’t been on in years and just decided to see what he was going to say, knowing he had Trump on in recent time. I thought he would have admitted that he was duped, here it is folks, the PATRIOT act /Reichstag Fire Decree moment, ready to send you to the camps. Nothing. That is when I knew the rumors of him being a Russian/zionist plant were viable.

          A president shuts down communication and orders media black out of several major sectors of government, shuts the doors to valid visa holders in countries not even responsible for attacks on this country, has Bannon a person who is publicly a Leninist stating he wants to tear this country down…..

          Alex Jones is a piece of garbage and his fervor that I knew was dangerous years ago, is the mob mentality he preached against.

        • Sherry says:

          HE’S COMPLETELY DIVIDING AND YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT……..: those of us who’ve been paying attention a LONG TIME we are not stupid!!
          I’ve heard before that he is a fear-mongerer & agent of the elite, but thought that was impossible!!

          I COULDN’T believe he was RACE BAITING HIMSELF!!

          I feel lost….or did until I found this!!

          I watched his PSYCHOTIC RANT about liberals & He was cussing left & right…. calling for a CIVIL WAR!!!!

          Oh yea BTW….. he made sure to remind everyone to purchase his products from his website lol totally unbelievable in the middle
          THERE WERE RED FLAGS EVERYWHERE he went from complete anger and swearing f word drop an F-bomb and acting crazy to stop and advertises products.

          I just knew something wasn’t right. I spent two days thinking about the entire picture and that’s when I started looking and what I searched under Alex Jones works for the elite and sure enough I find this.

          We have to start a new movement!!


          We have to start educating other people and pointing all of these things out to them! Mainly the group of people who has been so-called awake and many of us followers of Alex Jones. Total nightmare situation.

          We must do something!!

        • JonesTrumpZionists says:

          No you aren’t the only one

      • Allen Hill says:

        Alex Jones is typical CIA misinformation.

  • Gerry says:

    I want to suggest that jews are not the source of all evil. Centralized power is the problem the jews where smarter then the Muslims to they had centralized power early on. There are also white people that are not Jew that when giving power commit horrible crimes against freedom and human deceinty etc.

    • Elaine says:

      Yes this is true. Nobody is immune from betraying their roles in life.

    • Johnny says:

      These Jews are Europeans tho, it’s controlled opposition.. Israel is an illegal occupation and has never been holy. Real Jews are dark complexed.. he does not narrow it down to Zionism enough anymore. It is the center although there are also gentiles.. they are all Europeans.

  • Littlefaith says:

    Jones makes some good points, as do others, you just have to sift through the mine fields of bull shit. He says those who think the Jews are responsible for all or most of the evils in the world are mentally ill! Well a look into history, names of those in charge,and by their own admission, leads to only one conclusion the children of Satan are to blame…I believe these Zionist Jews and their lap dogs are the root of all evil! Check out on YouTube…Christopher Bollyn “Solving 911 ends the wars) a little Jew history…

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello people.

    Alex Jones says his point of view! I like to hear everyone’s point of view!
    Used to be 2 sides to every story! now its 6 billion sides. The ability to see everyone’s Point of view is great and the Internet is a easy way to access it.

    Thanks Internet! for giving me the Knowledge of 6 billion people.

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