Alex Jones: ‘My Wife is Jewish and I Hate Nazis’

Alex Jones Rants against ‘Mentally Ill Jew-Obsessed People’

Alex Jones Puts David Duke Supporter in His Place!
David Duke supporter gets put in his place after claiming all our problems in the world are because of the Jews!

Alex Jones & John Set Anti-Semitic Caller Straight!
Alex talks about low grade intellects who blame everything on the “Jews” and caller John agrees. It’s time to stop the BS!

Alex Jones Puts Anti-Semitic Caller in His Place!
Alex gets a call from an anti-Semite who says, “kill all the jews”. Alex reminds viewers that blaming the Jews for everything wrong in the world would make us no better than the Nazis of the 1940’s. Alex explains yet again why it’s called a One World Government/Order, and how it could not work if it was just one race controlling it all at the top.

Alex Jones’ Zionist Behavior

Alex Jones Answers the Zionist Question

Alex Jones: ‘Israel Could not Have Done 9/11’

Alex Jones: ‘I Support the Jewish State of Israel’

Jason Bermas: ‘Anti-Semites Should Kill Themselves’

Paul Joseph Watson: ‘Jews have no Influence or Power’

123 Alex Jones Lies

45 Failed Alex Jones Predictions

42 Stupid Alex Jones Predictions

Alex Jones Debates David Duke – August 18, 2015, Full Interview High Quality

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