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IMPORTANT UPDATES: Alex Jones’ father testified in court on Monday, April 24th, saying in part that he has made “millions of dollars” over the past several years creating front companies that contract business with Infowars. Alex Jones’ mother testified in court on Friday, April 21st, saying in part that Infowars is a “family business” and that she and Alex Jones’ father are both heavily involved in all aspects of the Infowars operation. Since Alex Jones has already stated in the past that both of his parents were/are C.I.A. operatives, these recent admissions from Alex Jones’ parents constitute direct proof that Infowars is in fact a covert U.S. Govt. intelligence operation.

Alex Jones’ public two week long child custody trial is being covered by Jewish journalist Jonathan Tilove of the Austin American-Statesman.

Click here to read Jonathan Tilove’s detailed daily articles on the subject.

Click here to read Jonathan Tilove’s Twitter account for daily updates.

Executive Summary
– Alex Jones and his Jewish ex-wife Kelly Nichols are locked in a two week long child custody trial in Travis County, Texas.
– Alex Jones’ lawyers are arguing that their client should not be judged on his parental fitness by his fake on-air radio persona.
– Kelly Nichols’ lawyers are arguing that Alex Jones’ on-air behavior proves that he is an unfit parent to their three children.

Alex Jones arrives at Travis County Family Court with his Blackwater mercenary bodyguard Quentin Carter. Jones never ventures into public without Carter at his side. As part of his job duties with Blackwater, Carter provided physical protection to high level U.S. Govt. officials in the Middle East during the Iraq War, and now performs a similar function for Jones. Alex Jones employs several such private military contractors and U.S. Army Special-Ops agents, a fact which provides yet more evidence that Infowars is a covert U.S. Govt. intelligence operation.

HUGE UPDATE! Alex Jones has a new wife. Alex Jones married Austin, Texas area Jewish escort / yoga instructor Erika Wulff in January, 2017. Alex Jones had been utilizing Erika Wulff’s escort services since at least early 2013, which was the original reason that his ex-wife Kelly ‘Violet’ Nichols divorced him.

Erika Wulff, Alex Jones’ new Jewish escort wife

BREAKING NEWS! Alex Jones was legally divorced from his Jewish wife Kelly Jones/Violet Nichols on March 23, 2015. Kelly/Violet initially filed for divorce from Alex Jones on December 18, 2013, and since then has been engaged in continuous litigation against him over custody of their three children. As part of the divorce settlement, Alex Jones was court ordered to deed the family house (valued at $900k) to Kelly/Violet as well as sign a promissory note payable to Kelly/Violet in the amount of $2.7 million (Kelly/Violet also owns an additional house valued at $1 million).

Click here for a direct link to Alex Jones’ divorce settlement document on the Travis County, Texas official public records website.

Click here for a direct link to Alex Jones’ divorce trial document on the Hays County, Texas official court records website. Search for case #13-2647.

Alex Jones’ divorce was first discovered by this website, Self-admitted F.B.I. informant and D.o.D. intelligence agent Aaron Wilson of GONOB Radio / Alex Jones Critic / Alt-Media Radio / Alt-Right Radio / Video Freedom / 360win falsely claims that he was the first to discover Alex Jones’ divorce, but in fact Wilson only thought that Alex Jones and his wife were separated, not divorced. It was this site,, that first discovered the Hays / Travis County official public records indicating that Alex Jones and his wife were divorced, not just separated. (Additional note: Aaron Wilson serially reinvents himself online in order to better infiltrate and monitor various internet communities for the Federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies that he contracts for.)

1. – Alex Jones was married to a Jewish woman named Violet Nichols, with whom he has three(3) children.

2. – Alex Jones’ Jewish ex-wife and children all qualify for Israeli citizenship under Israel’s ‘Law of Return’.

3. – Alex Jones is funded by at least thirty-four(34) Jewish sponsors and advertisers whom financially support his radio show and websites.

4. – Alex Jones’ flagship radio station, KLBJ AM, in Austin, Texas, is owned by Emmis Communications, a media conglomerate based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The founder, chairman, president, and CEO of Emmis Communications is the Zionist Jew Jeffrey Smulyan.

5. – Alex Jones’ radio show is broadcast on Sirius XM Radio. The chairman of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Eddy Hartenstein. The CEO of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Mel Karmazin. The President of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Scott Greenstein. Of the six(6) executive officers of Sirius XM Radio, five(5) are Jews.

6. – Alex Jones employs a Jewish attorney named Elizabeth Morgan who is also employed by Holly Lev Bronfman, the sister of Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and the Bronfman family, one of the wealthiest and most influential Jewish Zionist families in North America.

7. – Alex Jones’ employee Molly Maroney, the managing editor of Infowars Magazine, is a former intern for Stratfor, a private intelligence agency based in Austin, Texas, which has been linked to the C.I.A. and Mossad. The founder and CEO of Stratfor is the Zionist Jew George Friedman. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and Stratfor.

8. – Alex Jones’ parents David Jones and Carol Jones have been employed by the C.I.A. in the past. Alex Jones’ cousin Verna Grayce Chao is currently employed as a C.I.A. contractor by Dell (previously by IBM). Verna’s brother Buckley Hamman was one of the original founders of Infowars in 1995. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Alex Jones’ C.I.A. family connections

923 thoughts on “Alex Jones Exposed
  • George Moody says:

    What about Larry Nichols.. Does Alex know Larry Nichols is a fraud..Doesn’t really have Cancer

    • TheZOG says:

      Of course Alex Jones knows that Larry Nichols is a fraud. That’s why he has him on his radio show in the first place. Alex Jones only allows scam artists and U.S. Govt. intelligence agents to appear on his radio show.

  • His BS stuff that he sells I would never buy. And entertainment, well, it is not real entertaining. More disgusting. And his followers are mostly fascists and negative people, insulting every even smallest criticism.

  • Anonymous says:

    Gatekeeper and provocateur extraordinaire, His content is often accurate, but the way he delivers it both provokes and discredits the movement. His close relationship with Charlie Sheen was troubling considering Sheen’s wild behavior (which would open Jones up to blackmail and threats that would compromise him). He often has current or ex-black ops operatives as guests…although he never discloses it or connects the dots for his listeners with a disclaimer. Vitamin supplements, anyone?

  • Anonymous says:

    I started listening to A.J. few yrs. ago, agreed w/allot or saw it, but after a while he became a loud mouth iodine, silver salesmen / survival gear! If it was to happen nothing he sells will save you! Good entertainment tho!

  • dcinfowarrior says:

    A few days ago, Alex Jones directly threatened Nancy Pelosi’s daughter by paraphrasing the lyrics to Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walking” by stating “one of these days, MY boots are gonna walk all over you”. This is 10000000% proof that Alex Jones is a Zionist agent provocateur.

    • TheZOG says:

      Alex Jones definitely functions as an agent provocateur and stochastic terrorist.

      Stochastic Terrorism: Stochastic terrorism is the use of mass communication (e.g. radio, television, film, internet) to stir up random lone wolves to carry out violent acts of domestic terrorism that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable. The most dangerous of all stochastic terrorists is Alex Jones of Aside from calling for a violent revolution (but not in those words), Alex Jones is without a doubt the greatest stochastic terrorist alive today. Examples of Alex Jones’ deliberate stochastic terrororism are well documented, but a small sample was taken from his radio broadcast of February 10, 2012, wherein Alex Jones states “We are at the crossroads!”, “Time to get aggressive”, “It is on!”, and “There is no choice, you gotta fight them!”. While many topics Alex Jones speaks about are indeed true, his continual violent rhetoric and exaggeration of news and information are bound to push some of his listeners over the edge. Alex Jones’ intelligence handlers understand that his daily exaggeration of news and events will statistically cause a certain amount of individuals in his audience to psychologically snap, with a certain percentage of them resorting to acts of physical violence. These acts of domestic terror are then used to demonize American patriots and further legitimize the passing of draconian legislation which ultimately diminshes Americans’ civil liberties.

      • truth seeker says:

        Ya, that’s why Alex “don’t take my guns” Jones has stopped talking about PizzaGate the minute one of his faithful listener went over there to investigate with a riffle. Now the guy is facing many years in prison and gave more fuel to the gun takers.

        I don’t mind him riling patriots though, because someone will need to step up when all those muslim migrants start causing trouble in our streets. I’m from Canada and have good friends from Sweden and Ireland and when we compare notes with what’s happening to our families country right now is heartbreaking. Residents just hide in their homes and hope they don’t get attack going out for groceries. They have no weapons and are too coward to do anything so they live in fear.

        Unless Trump build walls like he said while campaigning, them cockroaches are coming here too.

      • Gerry says:

        Dude if u really believe that shit I gotta get u on my show bc it sounds like bs.

    • Littlefaith says:

      Please, how is that a threat? Not defending gas bag Jones but Nancy Pelosi and her vile whiney daughter lick Zionist ass too.

    • Gerry says:

      Dude wtf the are u talking about. I almost respond then realized u was joking

  • Anonymous says:

    He is bought and paid for by the very people who own and control the mainstream media.

  • Peter Carey says:

    Alex Jones is someone who is PART OF THE PROBLEM.

    • truth seeker says:

      Although I have stopped listening to his scrappy voice years ago, I went back for a little while to try to make some sense of the madness around this past election. Since all you get from MSM is fakes news and I don’t listen to it at all, I still needed answers so Alex provided a good start for my search down the rabbit hole. So let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water shall we?
      As long as one takes his info only as a stepping stone to other independent news and do their own due diligence to find the real Truth then he has a purpose. Problem is when any person gets fanatic about anything and any one, there lies danger.

  • The guy is a loud rude idiot who makes money off the sheople that follow him. Most are well, not idiots, just uneducated. I don’t want offend anyone, but its true.

  • Paul says:

    Did not know Trump expanded Monsanto’s from the inside now. You would think that would be illegal, inside trading. Trump said he could shoot a man to death and it wouldn’t hurt him in the polls. I thought that would be illegal to God.

    The top ten most common ways to die are greatly food&drug administration related.

    Trump has stock in Monsanto, pharmacy, Tobacco, Casino and many of most deadly products. He will open up all the most toxic producers of energy such as coal, fracking oil and pipeline, nuclear, rather trying alternative green methods of creating energy.

    Your health and the land health is at a greater threat to life than nuclear war. This NWO Trump and Alex are front men for not the destroyers of.

    • Tim says:

      Trump sold all his stock in June. You are wrong.

      • Anonymous says:

        Except for his stock in the producer right? You have evidence that he sold anything?

      • Gadfly says:

        So he says. Where is the proof?

      • Dino says:

        He sold nothing. Trump has stock in Monsanto, Pharmacy, Tobacco, Casino, and many of most deadly products as well as the Standing Rock pipeline. If he said he sold it well…its a LIE like everything else is proven he says.

        • dcinfowarrior says:

          All of those industries which you mentioned are represented by a lobbying firm called Berman & Company which is run by Zionist Jew billionaire Rick Berman. Berman runs the Center for Consumer Freedom and has hired Stratfor to spy on low-level animal rights activists, including those who support or belong to PETA.

          Stratfor isn’t worried about Zionist inner circle which runs the animal rights movement – Wayne Pacelle, Ingrid Newkirk, and Bruce Friedrich. It’s the low-level PETA members who don’t know the true nature of PETA who are watched by Stratfor…just to make sure they don’t discover the true nature of the Zionist-occupied animal rights movement.

    • Gerry says:

      I think Monsanto has done alot of good as alot of bad and u can’t argue that they haven’t done good and u can argue they haven’t done bad they’ve done both. As far as Trump and the insider training your streching pretty far maybe he bought Monsanto bc its the biggest and best etc. Not bc he wants to poison the world. I think we can open up energy and still focus on cleaning the oceans and shit. We need change global warming to pollution.

  • dcinfowarrior says:

    I told everybody Trump would appoint a Monsanto operative to head the USDA. Sam Brownback is his top pick for USDA chief. And needless to say, Alex Jones has not made this public.

    I guess Alex Jones’ new slogan should be “SAY NO TO MONSANTO…UNLESS TRUMP IS PRESIDENT”.

    • leonfoonman says:

      Do not crtiticize Donald Trump, YOU MUST Respect the President or go to hell for not supporting the troops. Put Killery in Jail for LIfe. Monsanto and Exxon are going to make America Great Again, so shut up you Commie fag

      • Anonymous says:

        Ur a dindu

      • Anonymous says:

        Commies get support from Putin…

        • Littlefaith says:

          Here’s a news flash for you Putin is not a communist…Obommer is as is his puppet master Soros. Putin kicked out the commy oligarchs (Jews) from Russia

          • TheZOG says:

            None of that is true. Putin is surrounded by Jewish billionaires. In fact, Putin was installed as Russian president by two Jewish billionaires (Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich).

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh my I really hope you’re trolling you poor misled soul

      • Haha here is a great example of the kind of intelligence that Trump supporters have…

        • TheZOG says:

          The terms “intelligence” and “Trump supporters” should never appear in the same sentence.

          • Anonymous says:

            That is a horrible assumption. Everyone has unintelligent supporters. Honestly, You shouldn’t even be using the word “intelligence” because of your ignorance to reality!

      • dcinfowarrior says:

        I would rather be a commie fag than a Zionist shill.

      • C.Corman says:

        I have had 2 family members in the armed services who did multiple tours of duty. I love and respect them, but think the wars have done nothing but make things worse.

        Try ALL lying politicians, not just Hillary. Make Dick Cheney first!

        Hillary pushed Monsanto GMO seeds on third world nations who did not want them. Killing by agriculture. Maybe just as bad as guns.

        We are not on the judgement seat of God. HE is the one to send a person to HELL.

        Trump should be criticized if he is wrong. No one is all-knowing except God.

    • Anonymous says:

      But Sam Brownback hasn’t been appointed USDA chief yet has he?

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