Alex Jones and Jewish Wife

Kelly Jones aka “Violet Nichols,” Alex Jones’ Jewish ex-wife

Alex Jones’ ex-wife’s name is Kelly Rebecca Nichols. Her alias/nickname is “Violet”. Her father’s name is Edmund Lowe Nichols. Her mother’s name is Sandra Kay Heiligman. She has a brother named James Edmund Nichols and a sister named Jill Elizabeth Nichols.

Note that ‘Lowe’ and ‘Heiligman’ are very common Jewish surnames.

Documentary Proof that Alex Jones’ Wife is Jewish

Here is documentation from two genealogy websites ( and proving that both of Alex Jones’ wife’s maternal grandparents are Jewish. This means that Alex Jones’ wife’s mother is fully Jewish, which means that Alex Jones’ wife herself is at least 50% genetically Jewish. But, significantly, this also means that according to traditional Jewish religious law, Alex Jones’ wife is fully Jewish, because according to traditional Jewish religious law, a person is considered to be fully Jewish if their mother is Jewish, regardless of the race, ethnicity, or religion of their father. In addition, Alex Jones’ wife’s father’s middle name is ‘Lowe’, which means that in all probability he is Jewish as well (‘Lowe’ is a very common Jewish surname). This would mean then that Alex Jones’ wife is genetically 100% Jewish. But even if Alex Jones’ wife’s father were not Jewish, Alex Jones’ wife would still be considered fully Jewish by traditional Jewish religious law, because her mother is Jewish.

Therefore, because Alex Jones’ wife Kelly Nichols is considered fully Jewish by traditional Jewish religious law this means that all children produced by the marriage of Alex Jones and Kelly Nichols are also considered fully Jewish by traditional Jewish religious law, because their mother Kelly Nichols is Jewish. Alex Jones and Kelly Nichols have three(3) children together.

Here is documentation from the genealogy website proving that Alex Jones’ wife’s mother is Jewish.

Proof that Alex Jones (Alexander E. Jones) is married to Kelly Nichols (Kelly R. Nichols):

- Alex Jones Kelly Nichols Marriage License

Proof that Kelly Rebecca Nichols (Kelly R. Nichols) is the daughter of Edmund Lowe Nichols and Sandra Kay Heiligman:

- Kelly Rebecca Nichols Birth Record

Proof that Sandra Kay Heiligman is the daughter of H. Heiligman (Haskell Heiligman) and Velma Ruth Lattimer:

- Sandra Kay Heiligman Birth Record

Proof that Haskell Heiligman (H. Heiligman) is Jewish:

- Haskell Heiligman Burial Record

Proof that Velma Ruth Heiligman (née Lattimer) is Jewish:

- Velma Ruth Heiligman Burial Record

Here is documentation from the genealogy websites and proving that the Heiligman family are Jewish immigrants from Russia:

Proof that the Heiligman family is Jewish:

- Heiligman Family Jewish Burial Record

Proof that the Heiligman family are immigrants from Russia:

- Heiligman Family 1920 U.S. Census

Alex Jones’ wife’s great uncle was a wealthy Jewish doctor named Emmett M. Heiligman, who died in 2007:

Emmett Heiligman

Emmett Heiligman

Pediatrician Names People’s Community Clinic as Beneficiary of His Estate Clinic Receives $520,000 Bequest

Austin, TX – December 10, 2007

People’s Community Clinic announced today that, to date, it has received nearly $520,000 from the estate of the late Dr. Emmett M. Heiligman, who died April, 27, 2007 in Austin, Texas. This bequest is the second largest gift the clinic has received from a private individual since its inception in 1970.

Dr. Heiligman, a native Texan, graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) Galveston in 1944. He first practiced medicine as a Naval medical officer in World War II before beginning general practice in Overton, Texas with his brother, Dr. Haskell Heiligman. He then went on to specialize in pediatrics at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. As a reserve officer, he returned to military service during the Korean Conflict. Following his service in Korea, Dr. Heiligman continued to care for patients for thirty years at the Alhambra Medical Clinic in Alhambra, California, before retiring in 1985. Dr. Heiligman relocated to Austin in 1994 to be near family.

He is survived by two nieces: Sandra Heiligman Nichols, of Austin, Texas, and Ann Heiligman Saslav, of Overton, Texas, nephews Mark and Gary Heiligman of Maryland and several great nieces and nephews, including Dr. Jill Nichols of Austin.

In designating this bequest for People’s Community Clinic, Dr. Heiligman expressed his belief that primary health care is vital to lifelong wellness, especially for young children. Dr. Heiligman felt strongly that health care should be available to all who need it, according to niece Sandra Nichols. She recounts that, as was customary in small town Texas in the 1940’s, Dr. Heiligman regularly received payment in venison and other hunting bounty when patients could not afford to pay him for their care. Dr. Heiligman became familiar with People’s Community Clinic after a visit to the Clinic in 2004.

“Dr. Heiligman’s generous, unrestricted gift to People’s Community Clinic reflects his intimate understanding of the critical benefits that accompany access to primary medical care,” says Regina Rogoff, Chief Executive Officer of People’s Community Clinic. “This gift will allows us to continue providing high quality, affordable health care to the 11,000 patients who call PCC their medical home and to further develop our program to improve health outcomes. We are honored to receive this gift, especially from a man who was, by all accounts, a wonderful doctor and humanitarian.”

There is a picture of Emmett M. Heiligman on the following page:


Emmett M. Heiligman, M.D., FAAP, of Austin, Texas, died April 27 at age 85.

Here is a page from the University of Texas yearbook, class of 1944, with Emmett M. Heiligman’s name in it. It appears that all the names listed on the page are Jewish:

Lastly, notice that the clinic to which Dr. Heiligman bequeathed his estate is entirely Jewish managed:

Regina Rogoff, J.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Louis Appel, M.D., M.P.H.
Medical Director

Margaret Henkels
Director of Development

Carole Perine
Practice Manager

Alex Jones’ wife’s aunt, Ann Heiligman Saslav, is a concert pianist:

Ann Heiligman Saslav

Ann Saslav

This webpage lists Ann Saslav as being a Jewish musician:

Ann Saslav was married to a Jewish violinist and concertmaster named Isidor Saslav, who died in January, 2013:

Isidor Saslav

Isidor Saslav

Here is a short commentary describing Isidor Saslav’s Jewish Zionist family background:

Blips #68 – From The Martian Desk

by Gilles d’Aymery

Let me leave you with two short snippets that are more uplifting. Last weekend Jan and I had the pleasure to meet “Swans concertmaster” Isidor Saslav and his wife Ann — a fascinating couple with more stories to tell in a rat a tat tat of laughter and bons mots. I don’t know how much Isidor would want me to relate these stories publicly, so I need to tread carefully here (and I did not take notes). Isidor was born in 1938 in Palestine from a Russian father and a Polish mother who had emigrated to the U.S. (Detroit) before going to Palestine. A year or so later, his father decided to go back to Russia — Palestine was a violent land torn among the Zionists, the British, and the Palestinians. So he went, but Mrs. Saslavski would have nothing of it. She took young Isidor with her and journeyed back to Detroit, where she shortened the family name to Saslav. That was the end of Isidor’s Zionist experience (you should hear the story of how he ended up with his first name!). Being a smart man Isidor chose the world of music instead of a world of nationalistic atavism. And in that world of music he met with some of the greatest directors, composers, and performers.

Isidor Saslav wrote an essay where he took pride in the fact that the leaders of the Bolshevik Revolution were Jewish:

The Jewish Role In History Re-evaluated

by Isidor Saslav

(Swans – January 26, 2009) In light of the recent terrible events in Israel/Gaza I thought the following letter exchange between myself and a colleague might be of interest to Swans’ readers. A colleague wrote me and several other friends the following:

Hamas’ charter accuses Jews of causing the French Revolution, the Communist Revolution, World War I and World War II, and with forming “secret organizations, all over the world, in order to destroy [those countries’] societies and to serve the Zionists’ interests, such as the Freemasons, the Rotary Clubs, the Lions. . .” If only the Jews really accomplished all that by themselves and all of those organizations really were linked to Jews.

I replied as follows:

My take: Though I also doubt most everything stated in the Hamas charter, there is one thing everyone should investigate for themselves and if they did would probably end up agreeing with that statement, namely the role of the Jews in the Russian Revolution.

Fact 1: the Jews had suffered horribly under the Czarist pogroms in Russia and Poland (emigration to America, etc) and were only too glad to lend their efforts to the Czar’s overthrow. Trotsky and many other leaders of the revolution were indeed Jewish.

Fact 2: On the other side of the ocean many of the leaders of New York banking circles were also indeed Jewish (Lehman, Seligman, Belmont [né Schoenberg], etc.). They had been eyeing for years the investment opportunities in Russia but were blocked in their access by the presence of the English and the French bankers who had the Czar all sewn up (Franco-Russian Entente, etc.). It was largely through English and French pressure that the Czar brought Russia into the war against Germany and Austria.

Fact 3: When the Kerensky revolution took place in 1917, Kerensky kept these investment alliances in place and was thus as reluctant to leave the war as the Czar had been. But once the Bolsheviks were noticed as a possibility it was Seligman and company who financed Lenin’s train ride back to Russia so that he could stir things up, oust the French and British, and allow Wall Street to have its turn at financing Russia.

That is indeed how it turned out, and it was Lenin who did finally withdraw Russia from the war, much to the indignation of the allies (Treaty of Brest-Litovsk). I’m not sure if Lenin’s Wall Street backers were in favor of that move since the U.S. was already in the war on the side of the allies. (Trotsky had spent the war in New York up to 1917. I wonder if it was he who spoke to the Jewish Wall Streeters.) So ironical as it seems, given America’s later distaste of the Soviet Union for decades, it was Jewish capitalist investors from New York who helped to set up communism in the first place and Jewish Russian revolutionaries who helped carry out the work. Perhaps the bankers figured they could eventually overcome Lenin and his philosophy and re-institute a Kerensky-type regime that would welcome their foreign investment, much as Castro was at first welcomed in Cuba. But when Castro, like Lenin, proved an intransigent communist as well the present blockade was instituted against him, much as recognition of the Leninist regime was withheld by the U.S. till 1934.

Fact 4: Most of the ex-leaders of the revolution purged by the notorious anti-Semite Stalin were indeed the Jewish leaders, starting with Trotsky. Stalin continued his anti-Semitic shenanigans with the so-called “Jewish doctors’ plot,” which he cooked up shortly before his death.

So in sum: Far from denying the Jews’ role in the Russian Revolution I hail it with pride as helping to remove one of the most oppressive regimes on the face of the earth in its time. PS: I think I’ve heard that one of Lenin’s forebears was also Jewish.


Alex Jones’ wife’s father, Edmund Lowe Nichols, is a retired high level U.S. Govt. diplomat and convicted criminal who was forced to resign from his position after pleading guilty to violating federal financial conflicts of interest law in 1993:

Edmund Lowe Nichols

Edmund Nichols


United States v. Nichols, District of Columbia

On October 6, 1993, Edmund L. Nichols, the former Minister-Counselor for Agricultural Affairs to United States Missions to the European Communities (USEC) and Spain pled guilty to having violated federal financial conflicts of interest law when he authorized payments to his wife, through a fictitious catering firm, for providing official entertainment services. Nichols, as a career Senior Foreign Service Officer employed by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS), was assigned to the USEC in Brussels, Belgium, during 1990-91 and to the United States Embassy in Madrid, Spain, from 1991 until September 1993.

Nichols admitted approving payment of 12 invoices, totalling $4,393, from a purported catering firm called The Party Planner, knowing that there was no such firm and that the catering services had been provided by his wife for official parties which he had hosted. Regulations prohibit spouses from being compensated for personal entertainment services. As part of his plea agreement, Nichols submitted to involuntary retirement from the FAS, and repaid $1,849 in FAS funds which he had obtained through other false claims unrelated to the fraudulent catering invoices.

On December 13, 1993, Nichols was sentenced to one year of probation, a $2,500 fine, and 200 hours of community service.

Here is Edmund Lowe Nichols’ self-written biography from the Baylor University website:

Edmund L. Nichols

Edmund L. Nichols, 78, is a native of Throckmorton, Texas, is a 1953 graduate of Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene and of UT Austin where he received a master’s degree in 1957. He was named an H-SU Distinguished Alumnus in 2000 and also of Throckmorton High School in 2006 for accomplishments during his long career in public service that began in the mid-1950’s. Mr. Nichols was for a number of years Assistant Texas Commissioner of Agriculture for governmental affairs and administration. He was instrumental in launching the Texas Agricultural Products (TAP) export marketing program and traveled to Japan and Europe to open markets for such high quality Texas products as Ruby Red grapefruit and beef. He led TAP delegations to other states, hosting the first “Taste of Texas” events to promote high value foods produced and manufactured in Texas.

In 1977, Mr. Nichols was appointed Assistant Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington. In that Federal post he traveled widely, including a 1978 trip to China preparatory to normalization of U.S.-China trade relations. That same year, Mr. Nichols joined the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service where he served on the President’s Export Policy Task Force and was named as a charter member of the U.S. Senior Executive Service. He worked with Texas Congressman Bob Poage, chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, to pass the U.S. Agricultural Trade Act of 1978, an act highly important to Texas and farm product exporting states. That act also improved diplomatic status of U.S. agricultural officials abroad and gave the U.S. Department of Agriculture an important voice in international trade policy representation. Also in 1978, he represented U.S. agriculture in the first trade mission to China, well before full normalization of U.S.-Chinese trade relations.

In 1979, Mr. Nichols was appointed U.S. Agricultural Counselor to Italy, assigned to the American Embassy in Rome, and was commissioned by President Reagan to the rank of Minister-Counselor in the U.S. Senior Foreign Service. He then served as Agricultural Counselor to Denmark and Norway and twice as Agricultural Counselor to Spain. In 1982, Mr. Nichols was decorated by the President of Italy as Commendatore of the Italian Republic for his role in advancing U.S.-Italian trade relations. As an example, in exchange for allowing certain unique Italian products into the U.S., Nichols persuaded the Italian Minister of Agriculture to hold the line on tariffs that, if raised, would have cost U.S. farmers millions of dollars in farm exports to Europe.

From 1989 to 1992 Nichols was Agricultural Minister-Counselor to the U.S. Mission to the European Communities in Brussels. During his years in Europe, Mr. Nichols also served as chairman of the NATO Food and Agriculture Planning Committee, an official group whose mission was to plan for food security for Europe and America in the event of war. He has language skills in Italian, French and Spanish. He retired from government service in late 1993.

Mr. Nichols was married in 1964 to Sandra Heiligman of Overton, Texas. Their three adult children, Dr. Jill E. Nichols, James E. Nichols and Kelly Nichols Jones, were educated in high schools in Europe and U.S. colleges, universities and advanced professional schools. All the family, including six grandchildren ranging in ages from 2 to 15, live in Austin where Edmund and Sandy retired in 1994 following their Senior Foreign Service years. Ed retains his interest in and occasionally speaks on U.S. agricultural trade policy. Ed and Sandy, a CPA, are also active in UT LAMP, a continuing education program of UT Austin.

Alex Jones stated on his radio show on May 6, 2009 that his wife Kelly Jones (aka Violet Nichols) was an employee of the animal rights organization PETA in the mid-1990’s at a very high level. He said that she worked in the organization’s headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia. He said that she “immediately went right to the top” and “happened to get right in to the inner circle” and was “just immediately in the upper sanctum” of the organization because of “blind luck or whatever” or because “she was smart” and “they liked her”. He said that she was “only there a few months” and that she “left pretty fast.” He said that PETA “used her for media” because she “had a degree in that”, and that she “has been on the cover of USA Today” in connection with an article about PETA. He said that his wife was PETA’s “attack dog” and that she has been offered a “lucrative book deal” by a “major publisher” with a $50,000 advance to tell her story about the inner workings of PETA, but that she turned it down because she was afraid of retaliation from PETA employees, and that he advised her against accepting the book deal because “nobody would believe” her stories about PETA.

Alex Jones talks specifically about his wife’s connections with PETA during the following portions of his radio show interview with David Martosko of the Center for Consumer Freedom:

Part 1
00:16 – 01:10, 02:50 – 03:45, 04:16 – 04:30, 05:20 – 06:12, 08:44 – 09:23

Part 2
01:30 – 01:53, 03:07 – 03:20, 05:40 – 06:48

Alex Jones’ wife Kelly Jones (aka Violet Nichols) was involved in two very high profile publicity stunts while working for PETA. In 1996 she threw a tofu cream pie into the face of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta while he was in a Dallas, Texas department store for a fashion promotion. Also, in the same year, she threw a dead raccoon onto the dinner plate of Vogue editor Anna Wintour while she was dining at the Four Seasons restaurant in New York City. The Anna Wintour dead raccoon incident in particular is very famous. In fact, it is probably the single most famous publicity stunt in PETA’s history. If you perform a Google search for the terms “anna wintour” + “dead raccoon”, you will find hundreds of articles referencing this story on the internet. Here are two articles that discuss the Oscar de la Renta tofu cream pie incident and one article that discusses the Anna Wintour dead raccoon incident:


Oscar de la Renta got egg well, actually tofu on his face. The fashion designer was at the Neiman Marcus store in Dallas for a fashion promotion and to emcee a little fashion show when a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) ambushed him and smushed a tofu cream pie in his face. (Hey, whatever happened to the ethical treatment of people?) Ms. Kelly Nichols, who also yelled “Fur shame Oscar kills,” was protesting the fact that the Big O still designs with pelts. So she pelted him and was taken into police custody. Now who’s the laughing clown?

Bloody Brilliant – Pie, Anna Wintour, and the history of fur protest

Oscar de la Renta takes a pie. He is currently a two-time recipient. In an interview with Fashion Week Daily, he commented on his experiences: “I was doing promotions on the ground floor of a store, once in Dallas and another time in Portland, Oregon. I got a huge lemon meringue pie in my face. The first time I didn’t press charges because I said, ‘This is a desperate woman. But next time, please try another flavor.’ ”

Anna Wintour – 1996
A fur protester (again, acting independently of PETA) dumps a dead raccoon on Anna Wintour’s plate at the Four Seasons, shouting the trademark Wintourian insult, “Fur hag!” We can’t help but be a little disappointed with protesters on this one. You drop a rotting raccoon carcass on the woman’s dinner plate and the best insult you can come up with is “fur hag”? The Independent does later track down the raccoon-thrower, who vouched for Wintour’s loyal fan base and said, “There are many people at Condé Nast and at Vogue who wanted to help me, and I soon got a call telling me she was going to be at the Four Seasons.” Ooh . . . mutiny! A new wrinkle in the fabric!

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    So sue him. Oh my god he has a Jewish wife, he must be a Zionist puppet!!

    So what if he has a Jewish wife.

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      Oi, I’ll sue you. Way to tip your hat there. The point is that AJ is controlled opposition. He keeps his flock of sheeple spinning around chasing their tails over lies, exaggeration, and demagoguery while simultaneously discrediting anything legitimate he does say with his wild exaggerations and lies, and completely deflecting any attention away from the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy that has been working towards world socialism for at least the last 800 years (and that’s what is documented).

      The guy that can read a conspiracy into the VA buying coffins (consider how many octogenarians are dying every year and the majority of them are veterans or married to veterans and will be relying on the VA for a burial in veteran’s plots), but refuses to connect the dots that EVERY chairman of the Federal Reserve has been a Jew…. that’s pure happenstance.

      Of course the Jew wife is only part of the evidence that connects him. Many of his guests are high level Jesuits and Freemasons and virtually all his sponsors are Jews. (Not only do they control all sides of every issue in the media, they seem to also make a few shekels in the process).

      If you actually believe in a NWO conspiracy, you MUST believe that they control the media and control their own opposition. If Alex Jones isn’t their man, who is? If you believe that the NWO is too stupid to realize what he is doing and allow it without creating a competitor that’s their man, or simply killing him, you shouldn’t even be worried about them in the first place.

      • Justin Nunez says:

        You are more than right I seen this Scumbag argue with David Duke and couldn’t stand to hear the undeniable fact that Jews run and have RAN every democracy that has been manipulated since we shifted over from Monarchist’s rule. He will go a little into the 13 satanic bloodlines of the Illuminati and go off about the Luciferian army but oh once you bring up The Jew World Order he literally gets all defensive and says “well if you start to blame the Jews for everything heck you can blame the Catholics you can say there’s a Masonic connection everywhere but that’s just cop outs by the elite to blame one group ” fuk no that’s where this controlled opposition is totally exposed to be able exactly what he really is just look up GCN the company who literally owns him I mean the man can’t go 20 minutes without having to blast all these so called products that will protect you from the evil elite when they come and oh yeah Mr Jones has been claiming they are coming since 1999 I’m still waiting on those Soviet nuke’s that where supposed to be coming and oh just look at the media right now with those Russian air fighter jets coming extremely close to our naval ships and he says nothing that’s because he is 100 percent controlled by the opposition the Jewish mafia that funds the medical cartel with they’re deadly vaccines and gay mafia with they’re agenda to corrupt the youths mind’s and at the same time have demasculinized young males with telling them it’s all right to be queer you see it all goes hand in hand just look at how they read the Talmud still to this day and if you can’t see they’re Satanic death hold they have over they entire Hollywood industry then you are just as sick as them and I shall pray for all the blind so that upon reading this you gain the White Light to overcast the dark demonic presence that fills your subconscious mind.

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    Who cares if she is jewish you shouldn’t judge people based on there religion

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    NICE Investigation, thanks, keep this page up for a few decades, usually sites like these go down with the time..

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    Try reading and thinking for yourself instead of what that moron tells you. The picture is very different when it is not taken out of context and twisted. Alex Jones is twisted and he found some one just as twisted and sick as he is. I pray that they don’t breed, but I get the impression it is already too late. Feel sorry for their kids.

  • The TALMUD is the Jewish “Bible” that they believe & it is Jewish Supremacist filth that advocates hatred of all others & even pedophilia. AntiChrist to the core. Synagogue of Satan Shit.

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      A lot of people forget this we as Christians are still gentiles in they’re eyes and do you know what the Talmud says about gentiles and how they should go about. There is only One agenda for the Jewish people and that’s to stay totally solitated from the rest of the world in which they have successfully completed with full impunity over the destruction of this planet earth.

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    Who the hell cares if shes mongolian? what has that got to do with ANYTHING??? unless this is some anti semetic blah blah

  • I fail to see how any of this implicates Alex Jones as a “bad person”….. don’t we have REAL criminals to worry about, in real positions of power ?

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    Jew or not Alex wife is hot!

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    Why are all you people so afraid of the Jews taking over the world? They’re thrifty, intelligent, practical, hard-working and high achieving. They know how to turn a profit, and they know how to survive. They’re also great writers, philosophers, artists and comedians. In fact the Jews have probably produced more exceptional individuals, relative to their population size, than any ethnic group in human history. So even if all this racist nonsense is TRUE, I for one am not worried. I don’t think we could be in better hands.

    • TheZOG says:

      Sounds like you’re the one who’s “racist”. You’re promoting the idea that Jews are genetically/biologically superior to all other human races and ethnic groups. That’s the very definition of racial supremacism.

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      Thats not true…Jews help each other up into high positions in all facets of society..Of course they will shine…brighter than those of us who are unable to achieve those positions..due to the fact that we dont have a TRIBE that will hire us..instead of the other guys..

      that is a myth..

      Jewish BankSters impoverish the host nation…THIS IS HISTORY…I personally dont think that were safe today..because of MASS JEWISH INFILTRATION OF ALL POSITIONS OF POWER IN OUR NATION…OUR GOVERNMENT…

      WERE IN TROUBLE…and people need to be UN BRAINWASHED bout who the Jews really are..


      Henry Makow..Save the Males….




      No thank you…I dont wish to live in a nation controlled by Talmudic Jews who consider all of us as beasts…put here to serve them..according to their UNHOLY BOOK OF HELL..THE BABYLON TALMUD

      Jesus told you who they are………Genesis 3:15..The chosen of Lucifer..

      Not all Jews participate..but even secular Jews who follow Talmudic Kabbalist Judaism..which is not religious in the sense that Christianity is.. do help them in they are told who to vote for..and they do it..I HAVE JEWISH FRIENDS..IVE SEEN THIS FIRST HAND..and they ALWAYS VOTE WITH THE COMMUNISTS…AS JEWS ARE THE COMMUNISTS..they are promised big things if they do this..such as WORLD CONTROL..sorry..but religious or not..if they participate in Talmudic Kabbalist Judaism at all..they are one of them…religious or not.

      JEWS DO NOT CELEBRATE HEBREW FEASTS ON THE CORRECT DAYS…if you will notice….The Book of Daniel speaks of this….DANIEL 7:25..people who seek to change TIMES AND have the Jews….DANIEL 8:25…those who cause the CRAFT TO PROSPER..the Craft is mysticism…witchery…and the JEWISH KABBALAH DOES JUST THAT..ITS THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER BOOK BY WITCHES..

      That is why they are dangerous to a society…whether religious or not…they still listen to the leaders of World Jewery..


      FOR DECADES..JEWISH MEDIA. HAS LIED TO THE PEOPLE ABOUT WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN WW2..which was a GLOBAL JIHAD against Christian Germany….which now that they have the JEWNITED NATIONS..THEY WILL DO TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AS WELL…but we are a nation of Christians..and we are armed…If they disarm us…the shit is going to hit the fan..and the genocide will begin..


      WORLD JEWERY DECLARED WAR ON GERMANY..because the Germans had been impoverished by Jews..and they tried to take their nation back away from Jews…

      .was NOT what you were was how to exterminate the Germans..not Jews…BEFORE WW2 an American Jewish author penned the book…GERMANY MUST PERISH..A EXTERMINATION OF THE GERMAN PEOPLE..

      This came to fruit…the Jews exterminated the German people..and Jewish Propaganda movies..have force fed us the Jewish myths and fables of a Jewish Holocaust..which never happened…

      ADOLF HITLER..THE MOST LIED ABOUT MAN IN HISTORY…had planned along with other European ship all Jews to Madagascar…never allowing them to leave that Island ever.


      AND THE REAL HOLOCAUST..WAS AGAINST THE GERMAN PEOPLE..NOT THE JEWS..THATS A JEWISH FABLE..of which God warned us they would do..LIE LIE LIE..KOL NIDRE order to herd the sheeple to where they want as to destroy their freedoms..their lives..and rob them of their land..and the Jews did to the German people..




      AND SOVIET COMMUNIST RUSSIA (not to be confused with Christian Russia under Putin today)…STALIN..MARRIED TO A JEWESS..

      HOLOCAUST means BURNT OFFERING..the real holocaust..was the German people…9 MILLION German lives extinguished…MANY OF THEM..BURNT ALIVE..IN ALLIED FIRE BOMBING OF GERMAN NEIGHBORHOODS against the dictates of the GENEVA CONVETION…

      The JEWDICIAL system ignores Jewish crimes..


      NO FOOD..

      NO WATER..




      I do not consider a people who murder other people lacking any kind of a conscience…a good people..brilliant or smart…they take out the competition..which makes them look brilliant..

      I consider them a people with an evil religion..that needs to be told the truth…about their Luciferian religion…and what Elite Jews do…and how Elite Jews use peon Jews for cannon fodder…

      Yea..the so called brilliant Jews..have always been accused of using BIOLOGICAL WAR FARE against others..

      Isnt it odd..that TYPHUS INFECTION ran rampant throughout the prison camps? That is how most people in the camps died..There was no Hitler maniacal genocide of Jews going on..Its all lies..KOL NIDRE LIES..



      Talmudic Judaism promotes many very evil things…such as pedophilia..bestiality….murder…covetetnous..slander all in order to promote a Jewish global gov…They destroy the morality of a land…in order to prepare it for a take over..



      • Anonymous says:

        What Hitler was trying to do was to have GERMANY ruled by true GERMANS. He wanted an autonomous nation free of parasites. He was fighting the same parasites that are plaguing the world today. People ought to be surprised when they learn that the most hated man in history was actually just a man fighting to liberate his people from foreign influence.

        • Zack Myers says:

          He was actually trying to do more than that. Not just for Germany but the whole world. But he was stopped. The USA is experiencing the same BS from the same two groups he attacked.

      • Randy Gilgore says:

        You are the sickest hater of all. Bask in your own malevolence creep.

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      They lie cheat and steal to get everything that they have I guess if that’s Thrifty an honest and hardworking then yeah

  • TFOA says:

    How do you know that Velma Ruth Lattimer was a Jewess? In order for Violet to be Jewish, her mother, Sandra Kay had to be Jewish. And Sandra Kay was the daughter of Velma Ruth Heiligman (nee Lattimer), of whos Jewish status is in doubt.

    Firstly, Sandra Kay, Violet’s (Violet is Kelly Nichols nickname) mother, has pronounced Gentile features, such as a button nose and round rosaceous face.

    Secondly, the picture of Velma Ruth Lattimer does not prove that she’s Jewish. Many Jewish cemetaries will also accept a non-Jewish spouse. I tried to get more detail about Velma Ruth, but JewishGen requires a subscription. If anyone wants to subscribe and check things out, be my guest.

    Thirdly, Lattimer is NOT a Jewish surname.

    In conclusion, without any further information regarding Velma Ruth, it’s impossible to know if Violet is a halakhic Jewess, and consequently whether her and Alex’ offspring would be considered Jews. Their status is therefore in doubt, and although they might be considered eligible for Israeli citizenship (Israeli citizenship requirements have nothing to do with halakha – or Jewish law), they would not be eligible as part of a prayer quorom or be able to to be called to the Torah for Bar Mitzvah and such.

    • TheZOG says:

      1. How would you know anything about Sandra Kay Heiligman’s physical appearance? There aren’t any pictures of her available on the internet. And a “round rosaceous[sic] face” is not a “gentile” feature. Plenty of Jews have round, rosy faces. You can find one of them right on this very blog – Sharon Harris, one of Alex Jones’ longtime Jewish sponsors.

      2. As far as Jewish cemeteries allowing non-Jewish spouses of Jews to be interred in them, I’m not going to take your word for it. You’ll have to provide some proof of that claim. JewishGen doesn’t have any more information about Velma Ruth Lattimer other than the fact that she’s buried in a Jewish cemetery with her Jewish husband Haskell Heiligman. I had to register for an account with JewishGen to obtain that information. You can register for an account there too if you want, but you won’t find any more information than what I already found.

      3. You’re wrong about the surname “Lattimer”. It can indeed be a Jewish surname. In fact, any European surname can be held by a Jewish person. There are no exceptions to this rule.

      4. I’m not interested in Jewish religious law per se, even though I mentioned it in the article. Halakha isn’t based on science or genetics, so it’s of limited importance. And like you said, Israeli citizenship requirements don’t have anything to do with halakha anyway.

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