Alex Jones and Jewish Wife

Kelly Jones aka “Violet Nichols,” Alex Jones’ Jewish ex-wife

Alex Jones’ ex-wife’s name is Kelly Rebecca Nichols. Her alias/nickname is “Violet”. Her father’s name is Edmund Lowe Nichols. Her mother’s name is Sandra Kay Heiligman. She has a brother named James Edmund Nichols and a sister named Jill Elizabeth Nichols.

Note that ‘Lowe’ and ‘Heiligman’ are very common Jewish surnames.

Documentary Proof that Alex Jones’ Wife is Jewish

Here is documentation from two genealogy websites ( and proving that both of Alex Jones’ wife’s maternal grandparents are Jewish. This means that Alex Jones’ wife’s mother is fully Jewish, which means that Alex Jones’ wife herself is at least 50% genetically Jewish. But, significantly, this also means that according to traditional Jewish religious law, Alex Jones’ wife is fully Jewish, because according to traditional Jewish religious law, a person is considered to be fully Jewish if their mother is Jewish, regardless of the race, ethnicity, or religion of their father. In addition, Alex Jones’ wife’s father’s middle name is ‘Lowe’, which means that in all probability he is Jewish as well (‘Lowe’ is a very common Jewish surname). This would mean then that Alex Jones’ wife is genetically 100% Jewish. But even if Alex Jones’ wife’s father were not Jewish, Alex Jones’ wife would still be considered fully Jewish by traditional Jewish religious law, because her mother is Jewish.

Therefore, because Alex Jones’ wife Kelly Nichols is considered fully Jewish by traditional Jewish religious law this means that all children produced by the marriage of Alex Jones and Kelly Nichols are also considered fully Jewish by traditional Jewish religious law, because their mother Kelly Nichols is Jewish. Alex Jones and Kelly Nichols have three(3) children together.

Here is documentation from the genealogy website proving that Alex Jones’ wife’s mother is Jewish.

Proof that Alex Jones (Alexander E. Jones) is married to Kelly Nichols (Kelly R. Nichols):

- Alex Jones Kelly Nichols Marriage License

Proof that Kelly Rebecca Nichols (Kelly R. Nichols) is the daughter of Edmund Lowe Nichols and Sandra Kay Heiligman:

- Kelly Rebecca Nichols Birth Record

Proof that Sandra Kay Heiligman is the daughter of H. Heiligman (Haskell Heiligman) and Velma Ruth Lattimer:

- Sandra Kay Heiligman Birth Record

Proof that Haskell Heiligman (H. Heiligman) is Jewish:

- Haskell Heiligman Burial Record

Proof that Velma Ruth Heiligman (née Lattimer) is Jewish:

- Velma Ruth Heiligman Burial Record

Here is documentation from the genealogy websites and proving that the Heiligman family are Jewish immigrants from Russia:

Proof that the Heiligman family is Jewish:

- Heiligman Family Jewish Burial Record

Proof that the Heiligman family are immigrants from Russia:

- Heiligman Family 1920 U.S. Census

Alex Jones’ wife’s great uncle was a wealthy Jewish doctor named Emmett M. Heiligman, who died in 2007:

Emmett Heiligman

Emmett Heiligman

Pediatrician Names People’s Community Clinic as Beneficiary of His Estate Clinic Receives $520,000 Bequest

Austin, TX – December 10, 2007

People’s Community Clinic announced today that, to date, it has received nearly $520,000 from the estate of the late Dr. Emmett M. Heiligman, who died April, 27, 2007 in Austin, Texas. This bequest is the second largest gift the clinic has received from a private individual since its inception in 1970.

Dr. Heiligman, a native Texan, graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) Galveston in 1944. He first practiced medicine as a Naval medical officer in World War II before beginning general practice in Overton, Texas with his brother, Dr. Haskell Heiligman. He then went on to specialize in pediatrics at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. As a reserve officer, he returned to military service during the Korean Conflict. Following his service in Korea, Dr. Heiligman continued to care for patients for thirty years at the Alhambra Medical Clinic in Alhambra, California, before retiring in 1985. Dr. Heiligman relocated to Austin in 1994 to be near family.

He is survived by two nieces: Sandra Heiligman Nichols, of Austin, Texas, and Ann Heiligman Saslav, of Overton, Texas, nephews Mark and Gary Heiligman of Maryland and several great nieces and nephews, including Dr. Jill Nichols of Austin.

In designating this bequest for People’s Community Clinic, Dr. Heiligman expressed his belief that primary health care is vital to lifelong wellness, especially for young children. Dr. Heiligman felt strongly that health care should be available to all who need it, according to niece Sandra Nichols. She recounts that, as was customary in small town Texas in the 1940’s, Dr. Heiligman regularly received payment in venison and other hunting bounty when patients could not afford to pay him for their care. Dr. Heiligman became familiar with People’s Community Clinic after a visit to the Clinic in 2004.

“Dr. Heiligman’s generous, unrestricted gift to People’s Community Clinic reflects his intimate understanding of the critical benefits that accompany access to primary medical care,” says Regina Rogoff, Chief Executive Officer of People’s Community Clinic. “This gift will allows us to continue providing high quality, affordable health care to the 11,000 patients who call PCC their medical home and to further develop our program to improve health outcomes. We are honored to receive this gift, especially from a man who was, by all accounts, a wonderful doctor and humanitarian.”

There is a picture of Emmett M. Heiligman on the following page:


Emmett M. Heiligman, M.D., FAAP, of Austin, Texas, died April 27 at age 85.

Here is a page from the University of Texas yearbook, class of 1944, with Emmett M. Heiligman’s name in it. It appears that all the names listed on the page are Jewish:

Lastly, notice that the clinic to which Dr. Heiligman bequeathed his estate is entirely Jewish managed:

Regina Rogoff, J.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Louis Appel, M.D., M.P.H.
Medical Director

Margaret Henkels
Director of Development

Carole Perine
Practice Manager

Alex Jones’ wife’s aunt, Ann Heiligman Saslav, is a concert pianist:

Ann Heiligman Saslav

Ann Saslav

This webpage lists Ann Saslav as being a Jewish musician:

Ann Saslav was married to a Jewish violinist and concertmaster named Isidor Saslav, who died in January, 2013:

Isidor Saslav

Isidor Saslav

Here is a short commentary describing Isidor Saslav’s Jewish Zionist family background:

Blips #68 – From The Martian Desk

by Gilles d’Aymery

Let me leave you with two short snippets that are more uplifting. Last weekend Jan and I had the pleasure to meet “Swans concertmaster” Isidor Saslav and his wife Ann — a fascinating couple with more stories to tell in a rat a tat tat of laughter and bons mots. I don’t know how much Isidor would want me to relate these stories publicly, so I need to tread carefully here (and I did not take notes). Isidor was born in 1938 in Palestine from a Russian father and a Polish mother who had emigrated to the U.S. (Detroit) before going to Palestine. A year or so later, his father decided to go back to Russia — Palestine was a violent land torn among the Zionists, the British, and the Palestinians. So he went, but Mrs. Saslavski would have nothing of it. She took young Isidor with her and journeyed back to Detroit, where she shortened the family name to Saslav. That was the end of Isidor’s Zionist experience (you should hear the story of how he ended up with his first name!). Being a smart man Isidor chose the world of music instead of a world of nationalistic atavism. And in that world of music he met with some of the greatest directors, composers, and performers.

Isidor Saslav wrote an essay where he took pride in the fact that the leaders of the Bolshevik Revolution were Jewish:

The Jewish Role In History Re-evaluated

by Isidor Saslav

(Swans – January 26, 2009) In light of the recent terrible events in Israel/Gaza I thought the following letter exchange between myself and a colleague might be of interest to Swans’ readers. A colleague wrote me and several other friends the following:

Hamas’ charter accuses Jews of causing the French Revolution, the Communist Revolution, World War I and World War II, and with forming “secret organizations, all over the world, in order to destroy [those countries’] societies and to serve the Zionists’ interests, such as the Freemasons, the Rotary Clubs, the Lions. . .” If only the Jews really accomplished all that by themselves and all of those organizations really were linked to Jews.

I replied as follows:

My take: Though I also doubt most everything stated in the Hamas charter, there is one thing everyone should investigate for themselves and if they did would probably end up agreeing with that statement, namely the role of the Jews in the Russian Revolution.

Fact 1: the Jews had suffered horribly under the Czarist pogroms in Russia and Poland (emigration to America, etc) and were only too glad to lend their efforts to the Czar’s overthrow. Trotsky and many other leaders of the revolution were indeed Jewish.

Fact 2: On the other side of the ocean many of the leaders of New York banking circles were also indeed Jewish (Lehman, Seligman, Belmont [né Schoenberg], etc.). They had been eyeing for years the investment opportunities in Russia but were blocked in their access by the presence of the English and the French bankers who had the Czar all sewn up (Franco-Russian Entente, etc.). It was largely through English and French pressure that the Czar brought Russia into the war against Germany and Austria.

Fact 3: When the Kerensky revolution took place in 1917, Kerensky kept these investment alliances in place and was thus as reluctant to leave the war as the Czar had been. But once the Bolsheviks were noticed as a possibility it was Seligman and company who financed Lenin’s train ride back to Russia so that he could stir things up, oust the French and British, and allow Wall Street to have its turn at financing Russia.

That is indeed how it turned out, and it was Lenin who did finally withdraw Russia from the war, much to the indignation of the allies (Treaty of Brest-Litovsk). I’m not sure if Lenin’s Wall Street backers were in favor of that move since the U.S. was already in the war on the side of the allies. (Trotsky had spent the war in New York up to 1917. I wonder if it was he who spoke to the Jewish Wall Streeters.) So ironical as it seems, given America’s later distaste of the Soviet Union for decades, it was Jewish capitalist investors from New York who helped to set up communism in the first place and Jewish Russian revolutionaries who helped carry out the work. Perhaps the bankers figured they could eventually overcome Lenin and his philosophy and re-institute a Kerensky-type regime that would welcome their foreign investment, much as Castro was at first welcomed in Cuba. But when Castro, like Lenin, proved an intransigent communist as well the present blockade was instituted against him, much as recognition of the Leninist regime was withheld by the U.S. till 1934.

Fact 4: Most of the ex-leaders of the revolution purged by the notorious anti-Semite Stalin were indeed the Jewish leaders, starting with Trotsky. Stalin continued his anti-Semitic shenanigans with the so-called “Jewish doctors’ plot,” which he cooked up shortly before his death.

So in sum: Far from denying the Jews’ role in the Russian Revolution I hail it with pride as helping to remove one of the most oppressive regimes on the face of the earth in its time. PS: I think I’ve heard that one of Lenin’s forebears was also Jewish.


Alex Jones’ wife’s father, Edmund Lowe Nichols, is a retired high level U.S. Govt. diplomat and convicted criminal who was forced to resign from his position after pleading guilty to violating federal financial conflicts of interest law in 1993:

Edmund Lowe Nichols

Edmund Nichols


United States v. Nichols, District of Columbia

On October 6, 1993, Edmund L. Nichols, the former Minister-Counselor for Agricultural Affairs to United States Missions to the European Communities (USEC) and Spain pled guilty to having violated federal financial conflicts of interest law when he authorized payments to his wife, through a fictitious catering firm, for providing official entertainment services. Nichols, as a career Senior Foreign Service Officer employed by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS), was assigned to the USEC in Brussels, Belgium, during 1990-91 and to the United States Embassy in Madrid, Spain, from 1991 until September 1993.

Nichols admitted approving payment of 12 invoices, totalling $4,393, from a purported catering firm called The Party Planner, knowing that there was no such firm and that the catering services had been provided by his wife for official parties which he had hosted. Regulations prohibit spouses from being compensated for personal entertainment services. As part of his plea agreement, Nichols submitted to involuntary retirement from the FAS, and repaid $1,849 in FAS funds which he had obtained through other false claims unrelated to the fraudulent catering invoices.

On December 13, 1993, Nichols was sentenced to one year of probation, a $2,500 fine, and 200 hours of community service.

Here is Edmund Lowe Nichols’ self-written biography from the Baylor University website:

Edmund L. Nichols

Edmund L. Nichols, 78, is a native of Throckmorton, Texas, is a 1953 graduate of Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene and of UT Austin where he received a master’s degree in 1957. He was named an H-SU Distinguished Alumnus in 2000 and also of Throckmorton High School in 2006 for accomplishments during his long career in public service that began in the mid-1950’s. Mr. Nichols was for a number of years Assistant Texas Commissioner of Agriculture for governmental affairs and administration. He was instrumental in launching the Texas Agricultural Products (TAP) export marketing program and traveled to Japan and Europe to open markets for such high quality Texas products as Ruby Red grapefruit and beef. He led TAP delegations to other states, hosting the first “Taste of Texas” events to promote high value foods produced and manufactured in Texas.

In 1977, Mr. Nichols was appointed Assistant Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington. In that Federal post he traveled widely, including a 1978 trip to China preparatory to normalization of U.S.-China trade relations. That same year, Mr. Nichols joined the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service where he served on the President’s Export Policy Task Force and was named as a charter member of the U.S. Senior Executive Service. He worked with Texas Congressman Bob Poage, chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, to pass the U.S. Agricultural Trade Act of 1978, an act highly important to Texas and farm product exporting states. That act also improved diplomatic status of U.S. agricultural officials abroad and gave the U.S. Department of Agriculture an important voice in international trade policy representation. Also in 1978, he represented U.S. agriculture in the first trade mission to China, well before full normalization of U.S.-Chinese trade relations.

In 1979, Mr. Nichols was appointed U.S. Agricultural Counselor to Italy, assigned to the American Embassy in Rome, and was commissioned by President Reagan to the rank of Minister-Counselor in the U.S. Senior Foreign Service. He then served as Agricultural Counselor to Denmark and Norway and twice as Agricultural Counselor to Spain. In 1982, Mr. Nichols was decorated by the President of Italy as Commendatore of the Italian Republic for his role in advancing U.S.-Italian trade relations. As an example, in exchange for allowing certain unique Italian products into the U.S., Nichols persuaded the Italian Minister of Agriculture to hold the line on tariffs that, if raised, would have cost U.S. farmers millions of dollars in farm exports to Europe.

From 1989 to 1992 Nichols was Agricultural Minister-Counselor to the U.S. Mission to the European Communities in Brussels. During his years in Europe, Mr. Nichols also served as chairman of the NATO Food and Agriculture Planning Committee, an official group whose mission was to plan for food security for Europe and America in the event of war. He has language skills in Italian, French and Spanish. He retired from government service in late 1993.

Mr. Nichols was married in 1964 to Sandra Heiligman of Overton, Texas. Their three adult children, Dr. Jill E. Nichols, James E. Nichols and Kelly Nichols Jones, were educated in high schools in Europe and U.S. colleges, universities and advanced professional schools. All the family, including six grandchildren ranging in ages from 2 to 15, live in Austin where Edmund and Sandy retired in 1994 following their Senior Foreign Service years. Ed retains his interest in and occasionally speaks on U.S. agricultural trade policy. Ed and Sandy, a CPA, are also active in UT LAMP, a continuing education program of UT Austin.

Alex Jones stated on his radio show on May 6, 2009 that his wife Kelly Jones (aka Violet Nichols) was an employee of the animal rights organization PETA in the mid-1990’s at a very high level. He said that she worked in the organization’s headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia. He said that she “immediately went right to the top” and “happened to get right in to the inner circle” and was “just immediately in the upper sanctum” of the organization because of “blind luck or whatever” or because “she was smart” and “they liked her”. He said that she was “only there a few months” and that she “left pretty fast.” He said that PETA “used her for media” because she “had a degree in that”, and that she “has been on the cover of USA Today” in connection with an article about PETA. He said that his wife was PETA’s “attack dog” and that she has been offered a “lucrative book deal” by a “major publisher” with a $50,000 advance to tell her story about the inner workings of PETA, but that she turned it down because she was afraid of retaliation from PETA employees, and that he advised her against accepting the book deal because “nobody would believe” her stories about PETA.

Alex Jones talks specifically about his wife’s connections with PETA during the following portions of his radio show interview with David Martosko of the Center for Consumer Freedom:

Part 1
00:16 – 01:10, 02:50 – 03:45, 04:16 – 04:30, 05:20 – 06:12, 08:44 – 09:23

Part 2
01:30 – 01:53, 03:07 – 03:20, 05:40 – 06:48

Alex Jones’ wife Kelly Jones (aka Violet Nichols) was involved in two very high profile publicity stunts while working for PETA. In 1996 she threw a tofu cream pie into the face of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta while he was in a Dallas, Texas department store for a fashion promotion. Also, in the same year, she threw a dead raccoon onto the dinner plate of Vogue editor Anna Wintour while she was dining at the Four Seasons restaurant in New York City. The Anna Wintour dead raccoon incident in particular is very famous. In fact, it is probably the single most famous publicity stunt in PETA’s history. If you perform a Google search for the terms “anna wintour” + “dead raccoon”, you will find hundreds of articles referencing this story on the internet. Here are two articles that discuss the Oscar de la Renta tofu cream pie incident and one article that discusses the Anna Wintour dead raccoon incident:


Oscar de la Renta got egg well, actually tofu on his face. The fashion designer was at the Neiman Marcus store in Dallas for a fashion promotion and to emcee a little fashion show when a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) ambushed him and smushed a tofu cream pie in his face. (Hey, whatever happened to the ethical treatment of people?) Ms. Kelly Nichols, who also yelled “Fur shame Oscar kills,” was protesting the fact that the Big O still designs with pelts. So she pelted him and was taken into police custody. Now who’s the laughing clown?

Bloody Brilliant – Pie, Anna Wintour, and the history of fur protest

Oscar de la Renta takes a pie. He is currently a two-time recipient. In an interview with Fashion Week Daily, he commented on his experiences: “I was doing promotions on the ground floor of a store, once in Dallas and another time in Portland, Oregon. I got a huge lemon meringue pie in my face. The first time I didn’t press charges because I said, ‘This is a desperate woman. But next time, please try another flavor.’ ”

Anna Wintour – 1996
A fur protester (again, acting independently of PETA) dumps a dead raccoon on Anna Wintour’s plate at the Four Seasons, shouting the trademark Wintourian insult, “Fur hag!” We can’t help but be a little disappointed with protesters on this one. You drop a rotting raccoon carcass on the woman’s dinner plate and the best insult you can come up with is “fur hag”? The Independent does later track down the raccoon-thrower, who vouched for Wintour’s loyal fan base and said, “There are many people at Condé Nast and at Vogue who wanted to help me, and I soon got a call telling me she was going to be at the Four Seasons.” Ooh . . . mutiny! A new wrinkle in the fabric!

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  • elainecobb says:

    On February 16, 2012, published a breaking news entitled
    “Alex Jones Cancels Speaking Tour 3 Days After Exposure As Possible STRATFOR Double Agent“.
    The article detailed the obvious and striking similarities between Alex Jones‘
    Infowars and the Zionist intelligence agency entitled STRATFOR A few weeks later on
    February 29 2012 the story regarding Jones and STRATFOR began to go viral on the web At
    time of publishing there were over 3000 blogs and websites posting the original story

  • Russ says:

    Well, I’ve already confirmed for myself that conservative talkers with the likes of Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dave Ramsey, Michael Savage, and others are only telling you what they are allowed or want to, depending upon who we are talking about, because they are all basically owned by Clear Channel. In 2008, Clear Channel was acquired in a leveraged buyout by Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners. Both of these companies have had dealings with Edgar J Bronfman Jr. of the Illuminati bloodline Bronfman Canadian family. There are other links as well to the global elites. The tentacles of this global cabal are everywhere, including the conservative movement so as to control it. Look no further than FOX and Rupert Murdoch who supported Hillary Clinton. Murdoch is also good friends with George Soros. As a matter of fact, it was Soros who finally convinced Murdoch to can Beck from FOX. Now you are telling me Alex Jones, as well, has connections? Wow! He was my one hope. I also now found out that Alex Jones attorney, Elizabeth Schurig, also represents Holly Lev Bronfman of the Bronfman Illuminati family. The only hope is to look toward Jesus Christ! He is the only true Savior. Believe it because the more I am finding out, the more it confirms the prophecies of the Bible and the direction we are heading.

    • Tess says:

      I agree…The Prophecys seem to be happening….the only true way that we have to to Pray to our Father….and to witness to other Christians….and non believers…I feel the reason ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE…is that HIS PEOPLE..ISRAEL…CHRISTIANS ACCORDING TO MICAH 5:21 AND MATTHEW 2:6 have lost their way….

      Christian Zionism is the culprit….Jews in Talmudic Judaism..are Anti Christ…and have genocide millions upon millions of Christians just this last century..but Jew media never tells you about the AshkeNAZI’s..OR THE JEWISH YOUNG TURKS of Armenia…or the Jewish BOLSHEVIKS of Ukraine and Russia…OR OF THE REAL HOLOCAUST IN UKRAINE..THE HOLOMODOR…..YOU CANNOT BUY OR SELL WITHOUT THE MARK OF THE BEAST..

      The beast is the Jews and their global gov..and their Jewnited Nations..which only made their INTERNATIONAL GANG..MUCH BIGGER..AND THE UN IS USED TO TRY TO ROB PEOPLE OF THEIR WEAPONS…AND THEIR COUNTRIES..

      The bible said the THEY (The globalist) will cry peace and safety..and then THEIR sudden destruction will come.NOT US.BUT THE GLOBAL GOV.

      The bible says..that the nations of the world..will come against todays Jerusalem…EARTHLY JERUSALEM..and destroy their beast system..the Harlot of Babylon religion which I think is the Babylon Talmud and the Kabbalah and Zohar…all books against the God of the bible…THEY ARE THE CHOSEN OF LUCIFER…THAT IS THEIR GOD…JEHOVAH..

      The bible also says that Christ will destroy the nations that destroyed Jerusalem right after the scriptures of the destruction of EARTHLY JERUSALEM….BUT THIS IS NOT THE SAME JERUSALEM AS THE ONE IN THE MIDDLE EAST….WE…ARE JERUSALEM – SPIRITUAL JERUSALEM…AND THOSE that have GENOCIDE THE CHRISTIANS IN MASS us..are doomed..GOD TELLS US IN THE BIBLE..THAT ANYONE WHO HARMS US..HE WILL SEEK REVENGE ON…and he does..Ive seen it…


      If you do will also find that the Jews were the people who put Mao Tsi Tung in power..and he murdered about 100 or 200 million innocent Chinese people..
      WHY CHINA???? China was very good in NATURAL MEDICINE…They are known for it….THE MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX needed to take out the COMPETITION…so they COMMUNIZED they could control them.


      WATCH DR ZHIVAGO…and see what they intend to do to us…Its quire frightening to be under a communist have no life of your own..THEY KEPT TELLING THE PEOPLE…THAT THE DAYS OF THE PRIVATE LIFE WAS OVER….


      .see Jewish involvement in Chinese Politics HERE….

      Make sure its DOT COM…AND NOT DOT ORG…cause somehow..when you try to go there..the computer will redirect you to dot org sometimes….

  • david says:

    Sorry for the double post, I just noticed that posts need time for “approval”. I didn’t give it enough time.

  • David says:

    My last post was lost for some reason. I realize you know his wife’s parents are Jewish, I was only saying that he has publicly admitted it. It was months ago at least maybe over a year ago, it’s impossible for me to track down the time and show …I think(?), any suggestions on how I could do that? I also have noticed that he doesn’t confess that publicly anymore but only complains about people pushing him to talk about the Jewish conspiracy issue. I think he married a Jewish woman not thinking of the consequences being in the business he got into. So after that fact he is now having to deal with it on her side of the family …by avoiding it if he can. I haven’t studied suspicious evidence against him though, I’ll get to it later.

  • David says:

    I wish I could point you to the show episode but I don’t see how it’s possible. I don’t know how I could possibly find it after poss 100s of shows. I realize you knew his parents where Jewish, I was only saying that he has publicly admitted it, he’s not hiding it, not back then anyway though he obviously does not volunteer that information now. “If he’s telling the truth” as I heard it, and he could change things, he probably would wish his wife was not Jewish. I have heard him complain about people accusing him of not talking about the Jewish topic but I also notice that he has kept away from announcing his wife and his wife’s parents are Jewish. I honestly think he just got caught up in what he does “after” the fact, and is now is having to deal with his wife being Jewish. But I haven’t read much of what is written here yet, I will get to it sooner or later.

    • Kenguru says:

      I don’t know why are you guys so obsessed with his Jewish wife? How does it negate the facts he exposes on his show? I know Jews who are absolutely honest and hardworking people. Not all of them are in this banking cabal, not all of them benefit from this cabal. Yes one needs to understand the Biblical Project and the idea behind “chosen” people to create undisputable “ruling elite”. But understanding that one also should understand that there is a portion of this tribe that always gets beating. We all know that there were ordinary Jews and very wealthy Jews in pre-Nazi Germany. But I cannot remember a single documentary where Nazis killed some big shot Jewish bankster. Never happened. Look at Israel. The majority of Jews who immigrated there subjected themselves to a live experiment of building 1984 in real life. They work 6 days a week, the system brainwashes them to believe that everyone in the world hates them, they constantly live in fear of terrorist attacks, they pay almost double for cars compare to European countries. And the most interesting thing is that the Rothschild’s clan is going to flush them down the toilet when the time comes. Watch “Defamation” on
      See how security service that comes with some kids on a trip stages false flags at night to give Jewish kids an impression that someone is always there to get them. They grow up with destorted world view and this view makes them stick together like a pack of wolves. Some do participate in sinister plans, some go and live their lives. Look at this guy here, he is a Canadian Jew judging by his name. His conspiracy against the world is the bakery that he runs.
      My point is that you do need to keep in the back of your mind that there is a group of international Jewry that is behind the scene and they push for the NWO, but they are going to have exactly the same destiny as the Brown Shirts in Germany. As you probably noticed the UN (which is organized and paid for by the Rothschild) is pushing for one religion, and it is not Judaism. The man character in 1984 is Emmanuel Goldstein—a former leader of the Party. Former. Even in his book George Orwell put a prophetic prediction of what is going to happen to the International Jewry.
      But going back to AJ. I don’t really care if his wife is a Jew or Chinese. I care about the information he brings up. Even if he doesn’t say everything correctly we should use our own brains to figure things out.
      Watch this clip:
      Just think for a second. Who would allow some unknown guy to come out and say what he said on TV? Especially on a highly and tightly controlled channel like BBC? The ruling elite is very smart. They know people are awakening but they realize that people generally don’t understand the concept of paper money. So they put a guy with a message that is 99.9% true, but his offered solution is a trap. He suggested and made his stress on government bonds. Who in the right mind, unless you are Rothschild, would buy debt denominated papers? The governments are all burdened with unplayable debt and most likely their debt denominated papers will go to zero. The only people who are going to benefit from it are the ones that run the show. They are going to take resources and infrastructure under control (as it happened in Greece) but the majority of people will use their bonds to wipe their stupid asses. But, I used this clip to wake up people. If you show them AJ news-they would say that this is some conspiracy cook. If you show them BBC they take it seriously. Pretty much everyone who understands what is going on also understand the Jewish connection. Bolsheviks in Russia were 70-80 Jews. You look at the key positions in the States-they are all taken by, oh no, not Mongolians or Serbs, they are taken by Jews. But it will change. Eustace Mullins wrote in his book about the Byzantine Empire that the only reason this was the longest existing empire was because they had a fiat in place that would not allow Jews to do 3 things:
      – Teach young children
      – Take government positions
      – Work in banking sector
      There was no need to kill them or label with yellow stars or any other bloody nonsense. This way one can utilize the organizational skills that these people have and direct it to a creative path instead of destructive one.
      One more thing. Jews are not a race or ethnic group. This is a group of people connected together by religion. That’s all there is to it. Their behaviour therefore is formed by religious concepts. Therefore Conceptual Weapon belongs the highest priority on the list weapons deployed by the globalists.

      • TheZOG says:

        One more thing. Jews are not a race or ethnic group. This is a group of people connected together by religion. That’s all there is to it. Their behaviour therefore is formed by religious concepts.

        That is absolutely false. Jews are a genetic/biological group. They are not a religious group:

        1. Jews are easily identifiable from their facial features.

        2. Jews are easily identifiable through simple genetic tests.

        3. Jews suffer from dozens of genetic/hereditary diseases.

        4. The vast majority of modern Jews are secular atheists and don’t practice Judaism.

        5. Orthodox Judaism defines Jewishness in explicitly biological terms, not religious terms.

      • Tess says:


        He knows what is going attention to this man…Ken.

  • david says:

    It’s no secret, I heard him say during one of his shows that he’d like to stay away from the Jewish topic because of his wife’s background. He’s simply decided to avoid it, no support, no criticism. I don’t blame him, this way he doesn’t get in a marriage conflict over it while he knows people can get all the info they can handle on the topic elsewhere. It makes sense doesn’t it(?)

    • Z.O.G. says:

      I never heard him say that. Can you tell me the date of the show in which he said that? I’d be very surprised if he worded his sentence that way.

      It’s not just that his wife is Jewish. It’s much more than that. His wife is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to read the other pages on this blog. You’re only getting a small part of the picture.

      • david says:

        OK I’ll read some of the other stuff here. It’s impossible for me to remember the date that he mentioned it, it was months ago, it could’ve been a year or more. I remember it well though, it stuck in my head but ‘when’ is a total loss to me. I remember that he said he wanted to leave the topic alone because his wife’s parents were Jewish. Also at the same time he said that his wife converted to Christianity in some “form”, I don’t remember that detail but he did use the word ‘converted’. Please don’t think I’m lying, it is what he said on 90.1FM in the Austin area where I live. Whether people think he is lying or not, it’s up to them, but I’m telling the truth about what I heard him say. I listen to the show often for leads and curiosity, I don’t simply have faith in what anybody says, I look it up. I’m pretty unbiased about the Jewish topic also, I have no reason to mislead anybody here.


        • Z.O.G. says:

          Yes, David, I already know his wife’s parents are Jewish. I discovered the proof a couple of years ago. I provide the documentation in the “Alex Jones and Kelly Nichols” page.

          But I would like to hear the audio clip that you mention. If you could find out the date of the show when he said that, I’d appreciate it.

        • alm3texas says:

          It has been awhile since he mentioned his wife was Jewish. But I too heard that comment. Unfortunately as I have posted several things lately on Infowars, saying to Alex , that he’s got to name names and get out of the whirlpool he’s in. It goes nowhere and I am certain he knows the criminal MAFIAS running things yet doesn’t want to “go there.” At the point I won’t be listening that much as apparently my thoughts have been confirmed. Amazing acting job, if that’s what it’s been. Looks as though the Bush’s lead one of the Mafias , so when he digs deep on that one and calls a spade a spade then we will all know maybe he is real. Time will tell. Sad thing there is I worked hard and heavy in the Bush campaign thinking he was a good guy too. Embarrassing and irritating to be duped again. Damn these people! When I see them hugging our poor soldiers who were also set up and used it makes me sick.

      • tell you the truth i never heard him say that at all on his show

  • mina says:

    Read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. And look at history. Any “revolutionary” leader or man with a rank and position in society is groomed into marrying a jewess. For example all the leaders of Soviet Union who weren’t jews ended up marrying one. I think Alex might not know it was done on purpose and that he got played. Now of course anything to do with jews is a sensitive subject for him because his wife “will get mad” as he said a couple of times. I always felt that he avoided mentioning the jewish role in the NWO, but he always talks about Nazis. Now I know why. Obviously his wife and her family have a strong hold on him

    • Tess says:

      Actually what you claim is not true..Hes made it clear he was talking about the Kol Nidre Jews in our gov…calling them..Neo Cons..the Chosen Ones… etc when hes speaking about things that are exclusively Jewish in regards to the NWO..

      Many good Jewish people have joined in the fight against NWO global slavery…BROTHER of my favorites..Benjamin Freedman…Henry Makow…and many more…Not all world Jewery..and their Kabbalist Talmudic conspiracy to take over the world…

      Many Jews are used for cannon fodder..murdered by the Luciferian Jews..

      Alex’s wife may get mad…because not only does she get smacked by you..but also by the BAD FIG JEWS of Jeremiah 24..Shes in the middle…a very dangerous spot…


      I told her that Beck is a CONTROLLED OPPOSITION…..


      Read the bible…that is the only way to get this nation back from the devils…When devils tak over your nation..its because the people have fell away from Gods truth..and the only way to get back in his good to read the bible for many churches have been TALMUDIZED…and no longer preach the truth of the gospel..


      The bible forbids us to make an alliance with Talmud Jews…11 JOHN 7-11…CALLS THEM ANTI CHRISTS..

      SO IS GLENN BECK..THE CULTIST..Mormons teach that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers….that is heresy..

      • TheZOG says:

        Alex Jones is Jewish controlled opposition, as is Christianity.

      • pants says:

        Well said. I know it’s been over a year since this stuff was posted, but I would like to know if you’ve caught Alex lying since then. I just recently started watching Infowars fairly faithfully and haven’t caught him either… but I wouldn’t know since again, I just started. Let me know if something has seemed off to you.

    • jay nun says:

      You know its funny I always felt like Alex avoided any Jewish conspiracy theories or would use the old “oh we can blame anyone if you start saying the jews ” when I first heard him say this a red flag went up in my head and I have been listening to Jones for a long time and was a huge supporter of him and infowars but than he had David Duke on that’s all I gotta say just watch the damn video and it blew me away he is a real Zionist I mean I wanted to live to Austin Texas take my family from California and go work for him on the front line but I now see he is controlled opposition if you notice now I figured out what role he plays for them they are hell bent on starting a race war and that’s all Jones does is promote disinformation to confuse you I am totally awake and see he is part of the Jew world order.

      • badintense says:

        david duke is a weirdball freak. i listened to that interview live and again re-streamed.
        that lady what was the christian caller was about to ask david his feelings about the scriptures that says if he is a christian that he is a jew inwardly and grafted into the vine. a thought that would probably make him revolt. duke is fake.

        • TheZOG says:

          David Duke (and a large proportion of “white nationalists”) suffer cognitive dissonance when it comes to the Jewish cult of Christianity.

          • Jay nun says:

            Once again you can call mr. Duke a nutball a crazy White nationalist whatever you want to try to hide from the important questions he asks Alex Jones when it comes to exposing the so called Jewish conspiracy in which it is not by any means a hoax or disinformation if you sheeple out there really cannot see whos pulling the strings from above this playing field as they call it than you should just drink some cyanide tainted kool aid because its a Jew world order fuck the nwo that’s what they want you to believe. If you don’t believe me or this site than you are unaware of what’s really going on I can go on all day about this but you will never see the light just stay in the dark you hopeless shill

  • xxcelinux says:

    In other words, Kelly Nichols/Violet Jones staged false-flag terrorism against Anna Wintour and Oscar de la Renta while under the employ of Rick Berman.

    • Z.O.G. says:

      Well, that’s an interesting possibility you raise there, xxcelinux. I’ve seen you say that on YouTube also. Was Kelly Nichols working for Rick Berman as some kind of agent provocateur inside of PETA in order to discredit the organization? I don’t know. I do think it’s highly plausible though, considering the fact that Alex had one of Rick Berman’s lackeys on his radio show back in 2009 named David Martosko, and Martosko seemed to know all about Alex’s wife and her involvement with PETA. But we need proof of this accusation. Can you find proof that Alex’s wife was working for Berman? It would be a big deal if we could prove that.

      • xxcelinux says:

        One of my contacts has stated that they have incontravertible proof. I asked them if they can send me the proof, and they said they will try to.

        • Z.O.G. says:

          Wow. I hope you’re not teasing me, xxcelinux. If your contact comes through, please pass along the information.

        • george says:

          Why is being Jewish such a bad thing to you guys? Really? Antisemitism? Real “pro constitution”. Alex Jones is a liar, and a scumbag, and ive caught him in lies in literally every video I have watched. But I dont care if he is Jewish, or his wife, or his donors. Who do you think donates to Fox news? Druge report? Conservative Christian million and billionaires. Thats how the political world works now as well post Citizens United. The Koch Bros will buy election after election then promote this ridiculous “left wing communist” propaganda to justify their intrusion into our government. We are already an oligarchy.

      • Tess says:

        If she worked against PETA…THEY I SAY…YAHOO! I hate that corrupt organization..Their job is to destroy the meat industry..under the guise of animal rights…Im in the ag business..and they are like pesky flies…hiding in trees..filming people…just trying to do their jobs…

        They are parasites..feeding off of tax dollars for their money….Why dont they get real jobs…like those they harass do..


        • dcinfowarrior says:

          The Jews run PETA (Bruce Friedrich), the Center for Science in the Public Interest (Mike Jacobson), and the Center for Consumer Freedom (Rick Berman…his son David Berman from the Silver Jews is a Zionist leftist Jew who has no problem performing in Israel which to this day still segregates Palestinians). While PETA and CCF are having their fake feuds and while CCF and CSPI are having their fake feud, the Jews are controlling all three groups.

        • dcinfowarrior says:

          Oh please. The Jews pay PETA to act like complete retards in order to discredit any legitimate opposition to the factory farms which take money from the Jew-run, Jew-funded Monsanto, USDA, and FDA.

          PETA is a Jewish false flag.

    • Tess says:

      If Alex’s wife was such a PETA PERSON…why would she marry the MEAT EATER..ALEX JONES?

      Peta peeps are vegetarians….

      This story..makes no sense..

      Because Alex is so under attack by the communist lefist globalists..I have to judge the man by his own actions.

      So far..his actions are quite PRO CONSTITUTION..PRO AMERICAN….

      Hes the best media our side has…

      I have never caught him in a lie.

      I follow many Jews who are on our I cannot condemn a woman who married this Christian man..

      Until I catch Alex in lies..Im supporting him…and his they are in danger ..just like others who have exposed this global evil group..

      News commentators have to be careful what they say…America has been brainwashed into thinking Jews are the Chosen of God..the Apple of his eye..when scriptures prove that is nonsense…MATTHEW 2:6 AND MICAH 5:2 tells you who ISRAEL IS..

      Do we want Alex to end up like Breitbart? No…and that is a possibility he AND HIS FAMILY must face each and every day.

      NO ONE CAN KILL A MAN..LEST GOD SAYS SO…..that is what the Book of Job teaches us…and other scriptures..

      Alex will be alive as long as God allows….

      God promises those who do his work…eternal life…making them not afraid of death…

      If there were no positive promises..from God..AND THE FACT THAT HE MAKES HIMSELF REAL TO THOSE WHO TRULY SEEK HIM…then there would be NO ONE who would do the work of God..and face death.

      God Bless Alex and his family….

      HIS WORKS..ARE GOOD…IVE NOT CAUGHT HIM I did that cultist shill Glenn Beck..many times



      Look up Joesph Smiths Jupiter Talisman..that he carried with him everywhere he went..They claim he did not share that with the parishioners of Mormonism…That cannot be…WHAT A MAN BELIEVES..HE SPEAKS..

      GLENN BECK is an ex radical leftist…and today hes A Mormon..home of the most intrusive massive gov spy weapon on the planet..being used against governemnts all around the earth..


      Glenn Beck thinks hes going to become a god with his own planet to rule…and that Lucifer and Jesus are brothers.


      • gergreg says:

        If you want to catch him in a lie, search “roehm cupcake” or just listen to anything he has to say about WWII or National Socialism.

      • Anonymous says:

        He’s the best your side has? I truly hope so.

      • dcinfowarrior says:

        Alex Jones is paid by the Jew-run PETA to act like a complete retard and spread ridiculous conspiracy theories into order to make meat eaters and anybody opposed to PETA’s Jewish agenda look like mentally deranged lunatics.

      • dcinfowarrior says:

        The Jews also set up the Center for Consumer Freedom – which was founded by Jewish lobbyist Rick Berman thanks to a $800,000 cash donation from the Phillip Morris Tobacco Company which at the time was owned by the Jew-run Kraft Foods. The Jews created CCF to be phony opposition for the Jew-run PETA and the Jew-run CSPI so that any criticism of PETA and CSPI can be written off as “industry propaganda”.

        And what Alex Jones will never dare reveal is that David Martosko – whom he interviewed to attack PETA – was employed by a Zionist Jew (Rick Berman) and co-conspired with the Jew-run PETA and the Jew-run Humane Society of the United States (Wayne Pacelle is a puppet put in place to distract from HSUS’ Jewish handlers and Jewish funders) to stage false-flag agent provocateuring on a Facebook page called “Stop Humanewatch” – which defends the Jew-run HSUS and criticizes HumaneWatch which is a side project of the Jew-run Center for Consumer Freedom – using the fake aliases “Preston G. Davis” and “Gregory Davis” so the Jew-run Facebook can crack down on free speech.

        Oh, and the moderator of the Facebook page Stop Humanewatch? His name is John Doppler Schiff, and he’s…you guessed it, a Jew. John Doppler Schiff is part of the Zionist Jew circle jerk involving CSPI, CCF, PETA, and HSUS. He attacks legitimate animal activists such as Nathan Winograd because Winograd dares to challenge the Zionist Jews’ stranglehold on the animal welfare movement. Winograd attacks the Center for Consumer Fredom as much as he attacks PETA and HSUS, and since he threatens to expose the Jewish control of PETA and HSUS and CCF, that slimy Jew zog bastard John Doppler Schiff has to get rid of the threat named Nathan Winograd.

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