Alex Jones and Bronfman Family

Elizabeth L. Morgan, Alex Jones’ Bronfman affiliated Jewish lawyer

Alex Jones employs a high powered Jewish attorney named Elizabeth L. Morgan. One of Elizabeth Morgan’s other clients is a woman named Holly Lev Bronfman. Holly Lev Bronfman is the sister of Edgar Bronfman, Jr.:

Elizabeth L. Morgan, formerly Elizabeth Morgan Schurig

Elizabeth L. Morgan (formerly Elizabeth Morgan Schurig) represents a wide array of clients faced with multi-jurisdictional tax, estate, and business planning issues. She is experienced in the design of complex estate and business plans for U.S., non-U.S., and dual-citizen clients, and in assisting such clients with their pre-immigration and expatriation tax planning. Ms. Morgan frequently advises clients on the resolution of international tax and treaty issues in connection with their estate and business planning, and serves as outside counsel to several high net worth family offices. She has formulated and administered estate and business plans for individuals and entities with ties to Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey, China, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Dubai, France, Germany, India, the Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Nepal, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Oman, Panama, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. In addition to her expertise in the design, administration, and tax compliance of both inbound and outbound foreign trust and business structures, she has an extensive background in traditional probate, trust, and estate administration.

A frequent author and speaker in the areas of domestic and international estate planning, asset protection, and foreign trust planning and tax compliance, Ms. Morgan has been quoted in various publications, including Practical Accountant and Bloomberg Wealth Manager. She is a contributing author (since 1995) and co-editor (since 2000) of the four-volume treatise, Asset Protection: Domestic and International Law and Tactics (Thomson/West Group, updated quarterly). Ms. Morgan is Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law (Texas Board of Legal Specialization), is a member of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners), has been named a Texas Super Lawyer every year since 2003 by Texas Monthly and Law & Politics magazines, is listed in The Best Lawyers in America, and has been named in Worth Magazine’s Top 100 Attorneys list every year since 2006. Ms. Morgan graduated from The University of Texas School of Law in 1988 after receiving her B.A. in English from Baylor University in 1984 and is the founding partner of Morgan Adler. She has four energetic children and devotes volunteer time and resources toward the promotion and advocacy of quality education and children’s issues.

17 thoughts on “Alex Jones and Bronfman Family
  • luke says:

    Alex Jones may be into a little Zionism but he still wakes people up. As long as he does not preach zion I will keep listening, anything you do is under your own rule, Alex does not make you do anything.

  • Anonymous says:

    I thought something seemed fishy about him. Thank you, Maine Prepper.

  • Anonymous says:

    Alex Jones and Infowars are often used as a good example on how stupid these conspiracy mongers are. His exaggerations, abuse of facts and also his misinterpretation of the very good literature on the problems on the earth ends up as serving his sponsors. They are the great part of the problem of the earth. And it is webpages as these which will be remembered as helpful in saving civilization. To uncover Hydra and to trace the heads of the snakes to the main organism – that will show the world.

  • Jamesz says:

    Don’t care much about this. Alex Jones is a creature of the old John Birch Society. That’s why he starts to sweat when guests bring up the Council for National Policy and has been given away folders printed by the Heritage Foundation. At a higher level, he protects:

    – The WACL
    – The American Security Council
    – Le Cercle.

    All these groups hate Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commision, etc. The traditional aspect of this movement also hates Neocons. But at the top it’s always a bit of game. More about whose got the money.

  • yhwhzson says:

    Has he mentioned the massacre in the Gaza? Ever? I am just curious. If that doesn’t serve as a excellent barometer nothing will!

    • lol says:

      Very shortly, but not in detail of what i have heard its more like “there are 2 sides of the story and they both do bad things to eachother” etc..

      • I know of another person who has had many woman sent into his life that are willing, or unknowing mind controlled helpers of the deceivers. It is very common when the man refuses to be controlled by the operative, that she then uses every trick in the book to attempt to maintain control and manipulation over the man. This also happens when woman attempt to live the control freak cults, or just try to go on their own free will paths. The social engineering on this planet is very thorough. It is designed to keep people in pre appointed boxes. if you step out then the operatives are their to attempt to put you back into one of them. That is how the lying control freaks and their indoctrinated, bribed, or blackmailed helpers work. They are the worst criminals on earth, but always point fingers at their underlings as the bad guys. This is a attempt to misdirect from themselves, or their higher level key positions of society helpers. The Truman show movie gives some hints to this hierarchy control grid.

      • Anonymous says:

        VIVIE,,, WO BIST DU

  • coastx says:

    People never see the think tank behind the puppet.

  • Sugar says:

    Jones ALWAYS says the income tax is a total fraud. Looks like he pays it and pays a lot to comply with it.

    • Tommy T says:

      Yes, US income tax is a fraud.
      Unfortunately, most Americans, including of course their tax professionals, fail to look up in tax code the codified (legal) definition of “Exempt income”.
      Its not hard at all, everyone has a computer and tax code in online at govt site.
      But this computer scientist has out-done them all and provided much more…

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