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BREAKING NEWS! Alex Jones was legally divorced from his Jewish wife Kelly Jones/Violet Nichols on March 23, 2015. Kelly/Violet initially filed for divorce from Alex Jones on December 18, 2013, and since then has been engaged in continuous litigation against him over custody of their three children. As part of the divorce settlement, Alex Jones was court ordered to deed the family house (valued at $900k) to Kelly/Violet as well as sign a promissory note payable to Kelly/Violet in the amount of $2.7 million (Kelly/Violet also owns an additional house valued at $1 million). Alex Jones’ separation from his wife was first revealed by Dept. of Defense intelligence operative Aaron Wilson of

Here is a direct link to Alex Jones’ divorce settlement document on the Travis County, Texas official records website.

Here is a direct link to Alex Jones’ divorce trial document on the Hays County, Texas official court records website. Search for case #13-2647.

1. – Alex Jones was married to a Jewish woman named Violet Nichols, with whom he has three(3) children.

2. – Alex Jones’ Jewish ex-wife and children all qualify for Israeli citizenship under Israel’s ‘Law of Return’.

3. – Alex Jones is funded by at least thirty-four(34) Jewish sponsors and advertisers whom financially support his radio show and websites.

4. – Alex Jones’ flagship radio station, KLBJ AM, in Austin, Texas, is owned by Emmis Communications, a media conglomerate based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The founder, chairman, president, and CEO of Emmis Communications is the Zionist Jew Jeffrey Smulyan.

5. – Alex Jones’ radio show is broadcast on Sirius XM Radio. The chairman of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Eddy Hartenstein. The CEO of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Mel Karmazin. The President of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Scott Greenstein. Of the six(6) executive officers of Sirius XM Radio, five(5) are Jews.

6. – Alex Jones employs a Jewish attorney named Elizabeth Morgan who is also employed by Holly Lev Bronfman, the sister of Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and the Bronfman family, one of the wealthiest and most influential Jewish Zionist families in North America.

7. – Alex Jones’ employee Molly Maroney, the managing editor of Infowars Magazine, is a former intern for Stratfor, a private intelligence agency based in Austin, Texas, which has been linked to the CIA and Mossad. The founder and CEO of Stratfor is the Zionist Jew George Friedman. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and Stratfor.

8. – Alex Jones’ cousin Verna Grayce Chao is employed as a CIA contractor by Dell (previously by IBM). Her brother Buckley Hamman was one of the original founders of Infowars in 1995. Verna Grayce Chao likely functions as Alex Jones’ conduit, handler, and point of contact at the CIA. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and the Central Intelligence Agency.

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  • Steven M Dunn says:

    if Alex Jones is owned by the New World Order, then they’re doing a very sloppy job in controlling what he reports on his show. about 85% of what he reports on his fact, he was the one that even revealed the FEMA centers, and Jesse Ventura investigated it on his show.

    • TheZOG says:

      about 85% of what he reports on his fact

      No, about 85% of what he “reports” is completely made up bullshit, which of course is his job as a CIA operative.

  • Marty says:

    Alex Jones also claimed Hollywood was owned by the Arabs. (LOL)

  • I think Roy Patterson makes a good point. So long as certain names never get exposed, and the whole “Cabal” gets conveniently located under one umbrella noun phrase, Alex Jones can get away with doing what he`s doing. “Yes” the most interesting thing about what Alex Jones is exposing is that this “could well be deliberately funded by the very individuals who have created the control system”. You may be thinking, “what, that is such a contradiction in terms as to be ludicrous, but I`ve had victim/witnesses tell me that the Illuminati know their time is up, and that many are crossing over. There must surely be reasons – other than a sudden manifestation of conscience – if this is indeed the case, but for now, I`ll remain a supporter of Alex Jones if only because he is getting information out there that the mass media – let alone the history books – will not touch.

    • I still stop by to read the dailies. Pretty sad they censored me though. Censorship is unethical. Allow open reader posts or do not allow that. My point is that censorship is unethical. I wrote several concerned letters to them about this, and that’s when the permaban happened. Daily Sheeple has been doing that for a long time, but I had more faith in infowars than that. Damned shame. / Roy, those vitamins are high priced, like really high priced. Profit levels are in the branding, and they surely must be up. I think they were upset that I mentioned some price comparisons against Vitamin Cottage. Thrift is big, and thrift is back.

  • I have been watching and listening to Alex Jones for a short time. Someone is funding this operation. There is no way it could stay in business with the small sales of Vitamins they have and the few subscriptions of Prison Planet. A lot of things Jones says are true but as with Globalist and the so-called New World Order no names are ever made public. Once in a while the names of the CFR and other groups, but still no names. Jones was quick to jump on the Trump bandwagon. Does he believes in Trump’s message or is he just using it to get more viewers and listeners? It will come out sooner or later. Being an ordained minister and having dealt with a lot of people using cocaine, with the ups and downs you see Jones exhibiting on air, he is a long time user. Just because someone tells the truth part of the time doesn’t mean you should trust them. In closing, if Jones was a real threat to the powers at be, he would have been dead long ago just like Vince Foster.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hate Alex Jones! I’m glad somebody made this website so we can talk about what a shitty person he is!

    • Just got the red bar ban from infowars. Looks like they are selectively censoring the content. Why they would take issue with comments pertaining to financial stewardship of personal finances and peaceful resolution, while letting antagonistic posts stay online, well I leave that for you to decide. They obviously have either no internal mantra, are infiltrated from the inside, or are simply being disingenuous on many levels. When I complained about the censorship, the gave me the perma ban. Looks like I’ll be pulling back on my am radio donations until they swap out for something more truthful. Getting pretty tired of his alarmist act anyways. He boasts about all these insider sources, but rarely has any new information which is unique to their journalistic efforts. Like the kid brother of drudge report, just hotlink nonsense with biased consideration. But they are fulfilling that niche for news readers whom also appreciate unnecessary rhetoric and alarmist positioning. They’re misguided if they think all the listeners actually will adopt that pre programed emotional position though. Perhaps that is further illustration why they remove sensible poster content. They have long since tried to maintain that air of proprietary access and ethical standing. What a shame, what a shame. If infowars chooses to destroy their own credibility, censoring intelligent voices will not stem the bleeding. Yours truly; I don’t ever hate journalists, but it’s tough to give them true credit as journalists when they cannot even abide the simple core rule of journalism, which is that censorship is unethical.

      • Jones is just like all the other media outlets. Freedom of speech to them means if you agree with me, it’s okay. If you don’t, shut up and go away. Strange thing about Jones, one of his LLC’s is Freedom Speech Systems.

  • coolhandbart says:

    As long as clowns like Alex Jones do what he does, no one will ever take anything of real substance seriously.

    He constantly makes predictions, but his predictions are a joke, because they never come to pass.

    I personally believe that he is bought and paid for, in order to divert the attention of the people away from the reality of what is truly happening.

    If he is at all genuine, why doesn’t he use all the millions he makes to prove something once in a while?

    Alex Jones says a whole lot, but many words without any proof raises many questions, which causes more questions, fear, and mass confusion!

  • Stonytoonracin says:

    16:56-16:58 of the video he mumbled and stumbled for Muslim trigger word look in his eyes his face goes flush. Mind control for a $1000 Mr trebek

  • Gregor says:

    ‘TheZOG’ is perhaps the greatest critic of Alex Jones on the internet today. I congratulate ‘TheZOG’ and his wonderful website.

  • Alex Jones awakens people to issues which will affect their free will. The best gift God has ever given us, because He has given it to most people in this world, is free will. Sometimes the price we have to pay for our Free Will is enormous.

  • I want to know if I can trust Alex with his comments on the nutraceuticals He makes himself?

    • TheZOG says:

      You can’t trust Alex Jones with his comments on any subject at all. Alex Jones is a compulsive liar, a con-artist, and a snake oil salesman. And to top it all off, he is a covert CIA operative.

    • The answer is no. My understanding is the FTC and FDA have sent letters to him to stop that false advertising or they will shut him down.

  • Dan says:

    I could hardly say that Jones is a Zionist, his opinion of Israel is subject to change I know.

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